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For the Nancy Sinatra song, see Sugar Town. For the television series, see Sugartown (TV series).

Sugartown was the name of at least three Cherokee towns. In Cherokee, the name was Kulsetsiyi, meaning "honey-locust place" from "kulsetsi" (honey-locust) and "yi" (locative). The word "kulsetsi" came to be used for "sugar" as well, thus the town name was often rendered "Sugartown" by the English colonists.

One Sugartown was located on the Keowee River near Fall Creek, close to present-day Salem, South Carolina. It was just upriver from the principal "Lower Town" of Keowee.

A second Sugartown was located on the Cullasaja River close to the mouth of Ellijay Creek, near present-day Franklin, North Carolina. The Cullasaja River's name is a rendering of "Kulsetsi". This Sugartown was near the principal "Middle Town" of Nikwasi.

A third Sugartown was located on Sugar Creek, a tributary of the Taccoa River, near the present-day city of Blue Ridge, Georgia.


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