Sugimura International Patent and Trademark Attorneys

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Sugimura International Patent and Trademark Attorneys
No. of offices 2 (Tokyo and Palo Alto)
No. of attorneys 50
No. of employees about 120
Major practice areas Intellectual Property
Date founded 1923
Founder Nobuchika Sugimura

Sugimura International Patent and Trademark Attorneys (杉村萬国特許事務所 Sugimura Bankoku Tokkyo Jimusho?) is an intellectual property law firm based in Japan. The firm has an international presence, representing clients from around the world. The firm represents more than 200 clients ranging from single inventors and start-ups to academic institutions and international corporations.[1][2] Approximately half of Sugimura's client base consists of Japanese businesses and organisations, while the other half is foreign counterparts.[3] It has a global legal network in over 40 countries.[1]


Sugimura was founded in 1923 by patent attorney and engineer Nobuchika Sugimura.[4][5] The firm specializes in providing quality legal services in the acquisition, protection and consultation of Japanese IP rights, and is repeatedly ranked among the top Japanese patent and trademark firms.[6] The company has offices in Japan and the United States, as well as professional relationships with associate law firms located in more than 80 countries.[2][7] Today, Kenji Sugimura is President of the firm. He is a Japanese patent attorney and litigator who specializes in mechanics and architectural engineering.[8][9]


It is headquartered in the Common Gate West Tower in Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, and has a representative office in Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.[10]


Sugimura is repeatedly ranked among top Japanese patent and trademark law firms.[11]

The firm is consistently ranked on the World IP Survey. The firm has been ranked in the patent prosecution and trademark prosecution categories.[12]

World Trademark Review recognizes the firm as a leading trademark professional in Japan.[13]

Intellectual Asset Management recognizes the firm as a leading patent professional in Japan.[14]

Asian Legal Business recognizes the firm as a leading domestic patent firm.[15]

The firm is also featured in Legal 100 of Acquisition International magazine.[16]

Notable representations[edit]


Patent attorneys from Sugimura have featured in or written various articles about IP industries,[18][19] and have been invited as speakers at various instituesa[20][21][22] and IP meetings.[23][24]


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