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Suhaib Ilyasi (born 8 September 1966) is a producer, director and the host of India’s first reality TV show, India's Most Wanted. He is one of the pioneers of Indian television journalism and specially known for his anti-crime activism on Indian television. Suhaib Ilyasi is the founder and the Executive Chairperson of Aaliya Productions Pvt. Ltd. A television software production company he named after his daughter Aaliya. At present Suhaib Ilyasi is publishing and editing a news magazine on governance, Bureaucracy Today and a news portal named[citation needed]

After the suicide of his wife, Ilyasi was charged under Indian Penal Code (498A).


Personal life[edit]

Ilyasi was born in New Delhi, India. He is post-graduated in Mass Communication in 1991 from Mass Communication Research Centre (MCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia University. He moved to London where he started working for TV Asia as correspondent and later became a programme producer with the first European Hindi/Asian satellite television channel based in North London.[citation needed]

Ilyasi remarried in 2006 with Sahebzadi Sumaya Khan (spouse), daughter of a prominent Mufti of Bhopal. Ilyasi has a son Mihraan Jamil Ilyasi (5 years) and daughter Aaliya, now 17 years old.

Status of court case[edit]

In a latest case hearing, noting that there was no fresh evidence on record against Suhaib Ilyasi, a city court has rejected yet another plea to charge him with the murder of his wife in 2000. Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Sanjay Garg dismissed the fifth application by Ilyasi's mother-in-law Rukma Singh who is fighting for the custody of Ilyasi's daughter Aaliya and wants to try Ilyasi for murder, besides the dowry death charge that he currently faces.

The court noted that no new incriminating fact had emerged from the statements of Anju's mother and sisters before the court. The application had claimed that the statements brought to light fresh evidence against Ilyasi — an argument that Singh failed to establish time and again in the court.

ASJ Garg also rejected Singh's plea to try Ilyasi for tampering with evidence relating to Anju's murder by saying: "There's no proof to support the allegation that he tampered with the evidence."

The court noted that a sessions judge had earlier rejected a similar application by Singh for want of fresh material or ground to frame charges of murder against Ilyasi, and there has been no change in the circumstances since then.

Ilyasi's counsel, senior advocate Ramesh Gupta, pointed out to ASJ Garg that all the material that Singh claimed had surfaced recently were available for consideration before the previous trial court judge, who framed charges accordingly. Gupta also referred to the previous decision, which turned down Singh's plea for want of new evidence.

On his application, High court has stayed the trial court proceedings against Ilyasi.


Ilyasi returned to India in 1996 with the concept of starting a crime-based reality TV show for Indian public broadcast. When he thought of a crime-related show on the small screen in the 1990s, no channel was ready to permit it on air. Zee TV, after some persuasion, contracted him for a 26 episodes season.

The high strike rate of India's Most Wanted (IMW) had an impact. The police departments of many states approached Ilyasi for his assistance and over a period of 6 years 135 fugives were said to be captured with the help of different TV shows Ilyasi produced for various television channels including Indian public broadcaster Doordarshan.[citation needed]

He is presently directing a movie titled 498A: The Wedding Gift, along with star cast - veteran Farida Jalal, Deepak Tijori, Alok Nath, Rima Lagu with newcomer Haarsh Nagar and Srishti Gautam etc. While it was rumored that it story was his personal life, he has refused [1]

The film has songs rendered by Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Sunidhie Chouhan and Ghulam Ali Khan.

Last heard in February 2014 that the film's post production work is being redesigned. Some scenes have been re-shot and Ilyasi is planning to release the film in May 2014.


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    • Zee TV,
    • 85 Episodes
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  • Ek Nazar ki Tamanna
    • Zee TV,
    • 52 Episodes
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  • Roz-b-Roz
    • Zee TV,
    • 180 episodes
    • 2000-2001
  • Bazm-e-Sukhan
    • ZEE - UTN,
    • 52 episodes
    • 2000-2001
  • Tumhara Intezaar Hai
    • ETV-Urdu,
    • Daily- Mon- Fridays
    • 260 episodes
    • 2001-2002
  • India TV’s Most Wanted
    • INDIA TV,
    • Prime time
    • 156 episodes
    • 2003-2005
    • 52 episodes
    • 2004-2007
    • INDIA TV,
    • Prime time
    • 750 episodes
    • 2003-2005
    • ZEE NEWS,
    • 200 Episodes
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