Suhayl ibn Amr

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Suhayl ibn Amr was a prominent leader among the Quraysh, being known as the Khatib or orator of the tribe. Clever and articulate, Suhayl's personal opinion carried great weight among his tribe.


Suhayl was one of the leaders of Makkah at the time of the birth of the Islam.[1] He was a prominent man among the leaders of Quraish, and was a skilled orator. He was among those leaders who refused to protect Muhammad on his return from Ta'if,[1] and was instrumental in concluding the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. He insisted that the treaty be signed from the Muslim side as Muhammad, son of Abdullah (Muhammad ibn Abdullah) rather than Muhammad the Prophet of Allah (Muhammad RasulAllah), saying that the Qurayshi side did not accept his Prophethood.

He later became a Muslim after the conquest of Makkah. He calmed the Muslims in Makkah after the death of the Prophet. He participated in the battle of Yarmuk on the Muslim side.


He died in Palestine in the small village of 'Amawas near Jerusalem.


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