Suicide Dolls

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Suicide Dolls
Suicide Dolls.jpg
Directed by Keith Shaw
Produced by
  • Keith Shaw
  • LaQuita Cleare
  • Tom Costa
  • Tom Barton
  • Joanna Stancil
  • Todd Slater
Written by
  • Charissa Gracyk
  • Gillian Perdeau
Music by Norman Brown
Edited by Shawn P. Mitchell
Release date(s)
  • June 17, 2010 (2010-06-17) (San Francisco Black Film Festival)
Country United States
Language English

Suicide Dolls is a 2010 film from Salsera Productions in association with Prop Blast Films and On the River Productions.


Desperate for someone to notice them, high school seniors Amber and Jade have always wanted to do something really killer with their lives. One week before graduation, they decide to make a suicide pact and record the last 24 hours of their lives.

As they live out their last day, the girls face past demons and reveal secrets that led them down the path of self-destruction. From drugs to abuse to death, they've lived in a warped world that has propelled them into a downward spiral.


Written by Charissa Gracyk and Gillian Perdeau. Directed by Keith Shaw. The film stars LaQuita Cleare and Christy Carlson Romano, and also features performances by Heather Tom, Steven Bauer and Joanna Stancil.

Producers - Keith Shaw, LaQuita Cleare and Tom Costa

Executive Producers - Tom Barton, Joanna Stancil and Todd Slater

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