Sukhsewanagar, Bhopal

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Sukhsewanagar commonly known as Sukhi Sewaniya Nagar, Bhopal is a suburb of Bhopal, located in the north Bhopal region.


The real name of Sukhsewanagar was Sukhi Sewaniya meaning dry oat in English.The region was discovered in year 1958,two years after the state of Madhya Pradesh was established.The name was given by the local people as the area consist of dry grass land looking exactly like dry oat fields.The people now also often call the region as Sookhi Simaiyaan.One can now also observe some dry-oat type conditions in the outside area of Sukhsewanagar.

Places of interest[edit]

Sukhsewanagar,Bhopal is famous for its agro-based factories and industries.It is one of the leading and second largest industrial area in Bhopal City after Mandideep.

Getting there and Orientation[edit]

Sukhsewanagar, Bhopal is well connected to Roadways and Railways. For Airways, the nearby airport is Bhoj International Airport/Bairagarh Airport.

Inter-state and Inter-city highway is well connected to Sukhsewanagar providing 18hrs service to important places such as Jhansi, Sagar, Sanchi and Guna.There is a direct bus from Sukhsewanagar to Halalpura bus stand in Bhopal, which connects it to Nagpur, Indore, Ahemedabad, Raisen, Jaipur, Hoshangabad and Jabalpur.

Sukhsewanagar Railway Station is on Bhopal-Bina railway line with stoppages of many express and passenger trains.The main trains are as follows :

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