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Exterior of a Sukiya restaurant.
Gyūdon. (Regular size)

Sukiya (すき家?) is a Japanese restaurant chain serving gyūdon, other donburi, and curry. As of 2008, Sukiya has over 1000 restaurants throughout all 47 Japanese prefectures as well as six in Shanghai, China; two in Suzhou, China; one[1] in Taipei, Taiwan; eight in São Paulo, Brazil; and eight in Thailand. Sukiya's owner, Zenshō Co. Ltd. (ゼンショー株式会社?), is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and had sales of ¥282 billion in 2007.

Its slogan (printed in romaji outside the restaurant) is "save time and money". According to the publicity printed in English on the walls of the restaurant, it originated in Yokohama. Unlike Yoshinoya, Sukiya did not stop serving gyudon during the ban on American beef imports, instead switching to beef imported from Australia.

In response to Yoshinoya's butadon (pork bowl, a substitute for gyudon, "beef bowl"), Sukiya began serving its own version, tondon.

In September 11, 2013, a Sukiya restaurant was opened in Mexico City, being the first to be opened in Mexico.


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