Suleiman Frangieh, Jr.

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Suleiman Tony Frangieh
سليمان فرنجيه
Sleiman Frangieh 2.jpg
President of the Marada Movement
Assumed office
Preceded by Robert Frangieh
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
9 November 2009
Prime Minister
Constituency Zgharta
In office
13 May 1992 – 15 April 2005
Prime Minister
Constituency Zgharta
Minister of the Interior and Municipalities
In office
26 October 2004 – 19 April 2004
Prime Minister Omar Karame
Preceded by Robert Frangieh
Minister of Public Health
In office
17 April 2003 – 26 October 2004
Prime Minister Rafic Hariri
In office
26 October 2000 – 15 April 2003
Prime Minister Rafic Hariri
In office
7 November 1996 – 3 December 1998
Prime Minister Rafic Hariri
Minister of Agriculture and Housing
In office
4 December 1998 – 26 October 2000
Prime Minister Salim El Hoss
Minister of Municipalities and Rural Affairs
In office
31 October 1992 – 25 May 1995
Prime Minister Rafic Hariri
Minister of Housing and Cooperatives
In office
16 May 1992 – 30 October 1992
Prime Minister Rachid Solh
State Ministier
In office
24 December 1990 – 10 May 1992
Prime Minister Omar Karame
Personal details
Born (1965-10-18) 18 October 1965 (age 48)
Zgharta, Lebanon
Nationality Lebanese
Political party Marada Movement
Spouse(s) Rima Karkafi
Relations Suleiman Frangieh (grandfather)
Tony Frangieh (father)
Children 3
Residence Zgharta, Lebanon
Occupation Politician
Religion Maronite Church

Suleiman Tony Frangieh (Arabic: سليمان فرنجيه‎; born 18 October 1965) is the current leader of the Marada Movement[1] and a Member of Parliament for the Maronite Catholic seat of Zgharta-Zawyie, in North Lebanon.

Early life[edit]

Suleiman was born in Zgharta, Lebanon on 18 October 1965. He is the son of late Tony Frangieh, who was assassinated in the Ehden massacre in 1978, and grandson of the former Lebanese President Suleiman Frangieh and as such, carries his grandfather's name. Samir Frangieh is Suleiman's cousin.[2]

Suleiman Franjieh's grandfather brought him to Syria after the Ehden massacre, which was perpetrated by rival Maronite Kataeb forces. In Syria, Suleiman was taken under the wing of Bassel Assad. His friendship with the Al Assad family has remained close since then.[3]

Political career[edit]

Suleiman Franjieh's political career began when he was 17 years old. In 1982, he became leader of the Marada Brigades. The party disbanded its militia to become a political group following the disbanding of armed militias after the Taef Agreement. Marada began to participate in social, cultural, education, health and political affairs.

He entered the Parliament for the first time on 7 June 1991 and was then the youngest MP. He was elected for three successive mandates in 1992, 1996 and 2000 and ranked first in the caza of Zgharta- Zawiah in the three aforementioned electoral sessions despite the different prevailing electoral laws: the goveranorate basis in 1992 and 1996 and the intermediate circonscription in 2000. He was candidate to the Maronite seat in the caza of Zgharta in the second circonscription in the north during the elections of June 2005. He ranked first in the cazas of Zgharta, Koura and Batroun but did not win the elections which took place on the basis of the 2000 electoral law.

Suleiman Franjieh joined mourners gathered in front of Beirut's city palace to pay his final respects to Rafik Hariri who was killed by a bomb on 14 February 2005. His presence made many uneasy, since it was his ministry that was overseeing the investigation into Hariri's assassination.[4]

During the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections of 7 June 2009, Suleiman Frangieh was elected again for the fourth time as a Member of Parliament for the seat of Zgharta-Zawyieh. He won the seat along with his two running partners Estephan Douwaihi and Salim Bey Karam. Together, these three politicians, along with the addition of MP Emile Rahme, formed the 'Free and Unified Lebanon' bloc in the Lebanese Parliament.

In August 2012, Frangieh commented on the Syrian civil war stating that the pro-Assad coalition would win the war and gave his full support the Syrian government. He also stated that he supports the "positive neutrality" of Lebanon as he wishes to save its stability. Frangieh also added that he opposes the "negative neutrality" which is "pretending to be neutral while arms are smuggled from Lebanon to Syria". He called the "negative neutrality" a "conspiring against Syria".[5]

Personal life[edit]

Suleiman is the father of two children from a first marriage with Marianne Sarkis; Tony (1987) and Bassel (1992). Suleiman Fragieh has been married to Rima Karkafi since 2003 who has given birth to his daughter Vera (2007). He resides in Bnachii, a small town right next to his hometown of Zgharta. He is a close friend of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.[6]

Of his hobbies, the followings can be stated; photography, aerial photography, aviation, sea and diving, environmental concerns, fishing and ski.


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