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Sulekha logo.png
Type Venture-Funded
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Area served India, United States, Canada
Chairman Param Parameswaran
CEO Satya Prabhakar
Employees 1300
Type of site Web Portal
Advertising Online
Registration Optional
Available in English
Current status Active - A Leader in Local Service Need Fulfillment

Sulekha, led by Param Parameswaran (Chairman) and Satya Prabhakar (Founder and CEO), is one of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital business and consumer brands that has transformed local services ecosystem through a powerful need fulfillment and monetization platform that generates qualified, parameterized leads to a vast number of local SMBs in more than 40 cities.

Sulekha’s unique, scalable digital platform, stapled to an expanding digital-mobile-local opportunity, has cultivated both sides of the local commerce loop: a vast purchase oriented user base coupled to a similarly large base of growth-oriented businesses to serve in thousands of location-categories.

For users, Sulekha makes life simple by helping them detail their needs to get relevant responses from targeted local businesses. For local service provides, Sulekha helps them grow their business by helping them connect to motivated buyers on the cusp of a purchase decision in the most affordable, targeted manner.

Sulekha has a presence in several Indian cities, including Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Coimbatore and in several other cities in North America.


Satya Prabhakar (CEO) and Sangeeta Kshettry founded as a platform enabling interactions among Indians worldwide. Sulekha raised its initial investment from Indigo Monsoon Group when Param Parameswaran (as Chairman) and Harish Raghavan joined its Board. Param Parameswaran actively advised and helped focus the company on its India expansion in 2007, and expand its digital and mobile platform to connect users and businesses for local services. At this time, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) invested in the company, and Promod Haque, Senior Managing Partner of NVP, joined Sulekha’s Board. In 2011, Mitsui & Co. (Tokyo), a Global Fortune 200 company, led the Series B round of investment with NVP also participating. Sulekha expanded its operations across India with multiple offices and has emerged as one of the leading digital companies of India connecting a large base of users and businesses across thousands of city-categories. In April 2015, GIC, the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Singapore, led a further round of investment along with NVP into the company.

Creative Commercials[edit]

Arjuna the Archer

Taking off on the “red arrows” concept and inspired by a 1000-year old story-telling art of Patha Chitra Katha (painting on palm leaves), Sulekha created an animated commercial “Arjuna the Archer” to a traditional Indian background score. The commercial told the story of a young archer, besotted by a girl across town, who achieves his heart’s desire by simply shooting red arrows at This commercial won multiple awards:

  • 2008 Cannes Bronze Award for “Animation under film craft” (JWT)[1]
  • 2009 Adfest Lotus Roots Silver Award in Film (JWT)[2]
  • 2009 Adfest Lotus Roots Bronze Award in Film Craft (JWT)[2])

The Red Arrows

This is a 40-second TV commercial that made the famous “red arrow” the creative mascot of Sulekha. The basic premise is that whatever one wants in his or her city, he/she can find it by shooting a red arrow at The TVC captures a family moving from one city to another, with all family members shooting ‘red arrows’ at to fulfill their respective needs.

Yellow Rippers YouTube Viral launched a viral contest asking people to submit videos of themselves ripping up phone books in a dig at the fading importance of printed books and the emergence of digital medium. More than 250 videos were submitted with some tearing up fat books with bare hands, often in strange positions (e.g. hanging upside down). The contest spread fast with millions of views of various videos.[citation needed] The viral campaign won these awards of recognition:

2007 Adfest Gold for Sponsored/Promotion category (JWT)[4]

Nothing but Babies Member-Inspired Commercial

A member of Sulekha scripted, shot and posted a video commercial showing a couple talking about how they were able to do multiple things through Sulekha, including finding each other except, they both agree, babies. • raised over a Million dollars from its members within a few days of the Tsunami that hit Tamil Nadu and other parts of India during Dec 2004.[5][6]

Mobile Application[edit] has mobile application for android platform



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