Sultan's Pool

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Yemin Moshe, with Birket es-Sultan in foreground, 1920s

The Sultan's Pool (Hebrew: בריכת הסולטאןBirket es-Sultan) is an ancient water basin by the west side of Mount Zion. Its origins likely date to the time of Herod and some think it is the Snake pool mentioned by Josephus.[1] In Hasmodean times, water was fed into it via the lower aqueduct.[2] The Ottoman sultans (for whom the pool is named) enlarged it into a reservoir measuring 67 m × 169 m × 12 m. It was part of the water supply network for Jerusalem from antiquity to late Ottoman Empire times. During the Crusaders times, it was known as Lacus Germani.[3]

Currently it is dry in summer and used for concerts and festivals.[4]


Coordinates: 31°46.310′N 35°13.585′E / 31.771833°N 35.226417°E / 31.771833; 35.226417