Sultanate of Baqulin

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The Sultanate of Baqulin was a Sultanate founded by Muslim Balaw (a Beja tribe) who occupied the area following the collapse of the Aksumite Empire. The Balaw were always the minority in the kingdom, the majority being the "Zenafig", the Christian Habesha people who had settled in the area during the Aksumite Empire. The Zenafig would eventually convert to Islam and become the Tigre people.


Prior to the year 700, the Aksumite Empire fell apart, and Beja nomads started invading Eritrea. The Beja were in full control of the majority of Eritrea by the year 900 and had created a number of kingdoms including Baqulin.


Like the Sultanate of Dahlak, the Sultanate of Baqulin was a primarily coastal kingdom and was vulnerable to Portuguese attacks during the 16th century. The Sultanate was occupied by Turkish forces in 1557 and it became part of the Habesh Eyalet