Sultanate of Nejd

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Sultanate of Nejd
سلطنة نجد
Sulṭanat Najd




Flag of Nejd

Capital Riyadh
Languages Arabic
Ottoman Turkish
Religion Islam
Government Absolute monarchy
Sultan of Nejd
 -  1921–1926 Ibn Saud
Historical era Interwar period
 -  Established 1921
 -  Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz established 8 January 1926
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The Sultanate of Nejd was a result of transformation of the Emirate of Riyadh by Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, who in 1921 declared himself Sultan over Nejd and its dependencies, as a monarchy led by the House of Saud.[1] In 1926, the Sultanate of Nejd was expanded to include the conquered Hejaz, and the political union of Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz was declared, with Abdul Aziz ibn Saud as King.


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