Sumbawa language

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Not to be confused with Sumba languages.
Basa Semawa
Region Sumbawa
Native speakers
unknown (300,000 cited 1989)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 smw
Glottolog sumb1241[2]

Sumbawa (Sumbawarese) is the language of the western half of Sumbawa Island, Indonesia, which it shares with Bima. It is closely related to the languages of adjacent Lombok and Bali; indeed, it is the easternmost Austronesian language in the south of Indonesia that is not part of the Central Malayo-Polynesian Sprachbund. Neither the Bima nor the Sumbawa people have alphabets of their own for they use the alphabets of the Bugis and the Malay language indifferently.[3]


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