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Sumeria may refer to:

  • A less common name for Sumer, the region of city-states in ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq). (Sumeria is the normal term for Sumer in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages of the Iberian peninsula, also in Greek.)
  • 1970 Sumeria, an asteroid discovered in 1954 by Miguel Itzigsohn.

in popular culture:

  • Sumeria, a disco artist best known for the 1978 hit Golden Tears
  • "Donna Sumeria", a song on the 2006 Mission of Burma album The Obliterati
  • "Horoscope Phenomenon or Witch Queen of Ancient Sumeria?", an episode in a 1972 comic book from Weird Mystery Tales
  • "Sumeria", a song on Canadian musician Devin Townsend's 2011 album Deconstruction