Sumerian Records

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This article is about the record label. For Sumerian historical records, see Sumer.
Sumerian Records
Sumerian Records.jpg
Founded 2006
Founder Ash Avildsen
Distributor(s) ADA, Fontana
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, CA
Official website [1]

Sumerian Records is an American independent record label based in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. The label was founded in 2006[1] by Ash Avildsen, who is also a booking agent, and is managed by Shawn Keith.[2][3] Fellsilent became the first non-US band to be signed to the label, in 2008.[3] The label made a deal with the video game series Rock Band to bring its music to Rock Band Network. So far, music from Asking Alexandria, including the songs "The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)", "A Prophecy", and "Hey There Mr. Brooks" have been shown with gameplay samples in the game. Songs by Veil of Maya such as Namaste and Songs by After the Burial such as Pendulum, My Frailty, Aspirations and Berzerker have been released and are available on the Rock Band Network.[4]

In 2012 Sumerian Records teamed up with former WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, who legal name was Warrior, to make a Web Series called The Warrior Show in which Warrior gives Sumerian bands an intense workout/motivation course. The pilot episode of the show featuring Asking Alexandria was released on February 23, 2012. The second episode featuring I See Stars was released on January 17, 2013. Warrior died on 8 April 2014 having released only two episodes of the series.[5]


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