Suminoekōen Station

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Suminoekoen Station
Platform for New Tram of Suminoekōen Station.JPG
Nankō Port Town Line platform
Prefecture Osaka
(See other stations in Osaka)
City Osaka
Ward Suminoe
Year opened 1972
Rail services
Station number(s) Y21, P18
Operator(s) Osaka Municipal Subway
Line(s) Yotsubashi Line
Nankō Port Town Line
Statistics 30,137 passengers/day (2013)[citation needed]
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Suminoekoen Station (住之江公園駅 Suminoekōen-eki?) is a railway station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line and the Nankō Port Town Line (New Tram) in Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan, operated by the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau.


Suminoekoen Station is served by the Yotsubashi Line (station number Y21) and Nankō Port Town Line (station number P18), and is the terminus of the both lines.

Station layout[edit]

Yotsubashi Line platform

Yotsubashi Line[edit]

The station has one island platform serving two tracks located on the second basement level.

1, 2 Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line for Daikokuchō, Namba, and Nishi-Umeda

Nankō Port Town Line[edit]

The station has one island platform serving two tracks on the second floor level.

1, 2 Nankō Port Town Line for Nakafuto and Cosmosquare

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Yotsubashi Line
Kitakagaya (Y20) - Terminus
Nankō Port Town Line (New Tram)
Hirabayashi (P17) - Terminus


Suminoekoen Station opened on 9 November 1972.[1]

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Suminoe Park
  • Osaka Gokoku Shrine
  • Suminoe Ward Office
  • Suminoe Library
  • Osker Dream building[2]
  • Osaka City Bus Terminal
  • Mag's Futsal Stadium[3]
  • Boat Race Suminoe


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Coordinates: 34°36′33″N 135°28′19″E / 34.60917°N 135.47194°E / 34.60917; 135.47194