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Not to be confused with Sumitomo Group.

Sumitomo Corporation (住友商事 Sumitomo Shōji?, TYO: 8053) is one of the largest worldwide trading companies Sogo shosha, and is a diversified corporation. Sumitomo is headquartered in the Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower Y in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan.[1] Incorporated in 1919, it is a member company of the Sumitomo Group.

Today, the company is one of the top three Sogo shosha companies in the world.


1919 - Registered December 30, 1919. Originally founded as (Osaka) Hokko Kaisha Ltd. (capital stock 35 million yen), a company engaged in real estate management, conducting land reclamation, land grading, harbor repair construction, etc. in the Osaka northern harbor region.

1944 - Merged with Sumitomo Building Co., Ltd. (established August 1923; capital stock 6.5 million yen). Changed the corporate name to Sumitomo Building and Real Estate Co., Ltd. Took over sales operations of Hasebe Takekoshi Architectural Office; Reorganized as a general real estate company involved in real estate management and civil engineering construction design and management.

1945 - After the end of the war, the company makes a transition to general trading, looking to handle products from Japan's major manufacturing firms in various industries. The company also deals in products manufactured by Sumitomo-related companies. The company name is changed to Nihon Kensetsu Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd., starting a new existence as a general trading firm.

1949 - The firm listed its shares for public trade on the Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges (also subsequently listed shares in June 1955 on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange).

1952 - Changed the company name to Sumitomo Shoji Kaisha Ltd.

1962 - Consolidated the Osaka and Tokyo sales offices; adopted a product division structure. Established nine different product divisions: Iron & Steel, Nonferrous Metals, Electric, Machinery, Agriculture & Fishery, Chemicals, Textiles, General Products & Fuel, Real Estate.

1969 - Established Sumisho Computer Services Co., Ltd. in Osaka (presently SCSK Corporation. Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 1989, designated a first section stock on the Tokyo exchange in September 1991).

1978 - Adopted official English name as Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo Shoji Kaisha, Ltd.).

1979 - Implemented a Sales Division system, establishing four sales divisions: Iron & Steel, Machinery & Electric, Nonferrous Metals, Chemicals & Fuel, Consumer Products (subsequently established an Information & Industrial division in April 1998, and split the Machinery & Electric division into two separate divisions in April 2000, creating a total of six sales divisions).

2010 - New Industry Development & Cross-function Business Unit established, and the former Financial & Logistics Business Unit integrated into the new unit (seven business units and 25 business divisions).

2012 - Sumitomo Corporation has begun expansion work at the First Philippine Industrial Park in Manila, to add approximately 100 hectares of property for leasing and allow for additional factories to be constructed upon completion.[2]




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