Summary Jurisdiction Act (Northern Ireland) 1953

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Summary Jurisdiction Act (Northern Ireland) 1953
Long title An Act to provide for the making of summary jurisdiction rules; to extend the jurisdiction and powers of, and to amend the law relating to, courts of summary jurisdiction and justices out of petty sessions; and otherwise to make provision with respect to summary procedure and offences.
Chapter 1953 c. 3
Territorial extent Northern Ireland
Royal Assent 17 February 1953
Official text of the Summary Jurisdiction Act (Northern Ireland) 1953 as in force today (including any amendments) within the United Kingdom, from the UK Statute Law Database

The Summary Jurisdiction Act (Northern Ireland) 1953 (1953 c. 3) is an Act of the Parliament of Northern Ireland that restricted the freedom of the press in relation to court proceedings in Northern Ireland. It prohibited the press from publishing any opening statements, and gave the magistrate discretion to forbid the publishing of any evidence.[1]


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