Summer Heat

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For Dutch film of the same name, see Zomerhitte.
Summer Heat
Directed by Michie Gleason
Produced by William Tennant
Written by Michie Gleason
Starring Lori Singer
Anthony Edwards
Bruce Abbott
Kathy Bates
Music by Richard Stone
Cinematography Elliot Davis
Edited by Mary Bauer
Release date(s) 1987
Running time 80 min.
Language English

Summer Heat (1987) is a film drama written and directed by Michie Gleason, with a screenplay by Michie Gleason based on the novel Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail by Louise Shivers. It stars Lori Singer.


In rural North Carolina in the post-Depression late 1930s, Roxy Walston is only 17 when she marries a boy she knows, Aaron. They have a child (called Baby) and live and work on a farm that raises tobacco.

Roxy's father, who operates a mortuary, sends a young drifter named Jack Ruffin their way to be a farmhand. Jack has an affair with Roxy, with tragic results.


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