SunBurn XNA Game Engine

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SunBurn XNA Game Engine
Genre(s) Game engine / Multimedia Content Creator

SunBurn XNA Game Engine is an indie game engine that equips developers to create games, simulations, and visualizations. SunBurn’s complete feature set includes forward and deferred rendering, collisions, advanced materials, high dynamic range lighting (HDR), bloom, and the SunBurn editor.

It can produce games and 3D graphical simulations for Windows, Xbox, and Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

Major Features[edit]

  • Optimize to help developers achieve beautiful visuals with minimal effort
  • Edit scenes, materials, lighting, and more with the in-game editor
  • Powerful renderer with support for hundreds of high-quality dynamic lights
  • Fast built-in light mapping for highly complex scenes
  • Robust material system with full support for custom shaders
  • Efficient scene object and mesh collisions with physical reactions
  • Flexible component system for control of object and light behavior
  • Quickly build games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7 with an easy-to-use api
  • No porting is necessary, simply create games in C# code then run on Windows or deploy to a retail Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7.
  • Sell games online, on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and Zune / Windows Phone 7 Marketplace
  • No DevKits, contracts, or expensive software.

SunBurn Licenses[edit]

SunBurn's introductory license is free. Other licenses are available for self-published or third-party funded games.

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