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"Sun Dance"
Single by Tomahawk
from the album Anonymous
Released June 12, 2007
Format Digital Download
Recorded Unknown
Genre Experimental rock, traditional
Length 5:10
Label Ipecac Recordings
Writer(s) Mike Patton/Duane Denison/John Stanier/Unknown Native Americans
Producer(s) Mike Patton/Tomahawk

"Sun Dance" is a song by Tomahawk from their 2007 album, Anonymous. It is the ninth song on the album and it was released as a digital download single in iTunes. The song is influenced by traditional tribal songs that were sung by Native Americans during the Sun Dance celebration. The B-side, "El Tecolote", is an instrumental piece. Unlike the album tracks of Anonymous, "El Tecolote" does not feature any type of metal integrated into the song, and it is an easy, laid-back song, whereas the songs of Anonymous are eerie and spooky in nature[citation needed].

The song's lyrics are only a chorus and chanting. The main body of the song that includes the chanting is very low and creepy,[citation needed] whereas the chorus is heavy metal, featuring distorted vocals, similar to the style of Mr. Bungle, one of Mike Patton's other bands.

El Tecolote is a small town on the Mexican coast, and the song is thought to represent the atmosphere of that place.

The single cover does not feature the name Sun Dance; however, it does mimic an old Wild West wanted poster, stating the band, their names, and a reward of 10,000,000 dollars.

Track list[edit]

iTunes Single

  1. "Sun Dance" – 3:02
  2. "El Tecolote" – 2:08

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