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Not to be confused with the military theorist in ancient Wu Sun Tzu or with the ancient military theorist in ancient Qi Sun Bin, also known as Sun Tzu.
Sun Tzu's Mathematical Classic.

Sun Tzu or Sunzi (孙子, Sūnzǐ, lit. "Master Sun") was a Chinese mathematician who lived some time between the 3rd and the 5th century during the Wei or Jin dynasty. Interested in astronomy and trying to develop a calendar, he investigated Diophantine equations. He is only known for his authorship of The Mathematical Classic of Sunzi, which contains the earliest known example of the Chinese remainder theorem.


English translation of Sūn Zĭ Suàn Jīng:

  • Fleeting Footsteps, by Lam Lay Yong and Ang Tian Se, Part Two. World Scientific Publishing Company; June 2004 ISBN 981-238-696-3

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