Sunday All Stars

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Sunday All Stars
Sunday All Stars title card.jpg
Also known as SAS
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Directed by Rommel Gacho[1]
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s)
No. of episodes 43 (as of April 20, 2014)
Location(s) Studio 7, GMA Network Studio Annex, Quezon City
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 2 hours
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format NTSC 480i
Original run June 16, 2013 – present
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Sunday All Stars is a Sunday noon-time musical variety show. Hosted by Janno Gibbs, Jaya, Jolina Magdangal and Regine Velasquez, the show premiered on June 16, 2013 and airs every Sunday noon on GMA Network.[2][3]



Sunday All Stars replaced Party Pilipinas, which was put off-air by the network management due to issues involving its production teams.[4] After the pilot episode on June 16, 2013, Jolina Magdangal passed the role as a leader of Ligang i-Like due to her doctor's health advice. Magdangal together with the production team of the said show decided to take Kris Bernal as a substitute leader of the aforementioned team for 2 weeks until Magdangal's recovery.[5]

More changes were established on the second episode where they introduced a segment named "Kalerki-Oke" wherein 5% of each week's team performance result will be coming from. Moreover, it became one of the most talked about episode of the show wherein a guy did his wedding proposal to his girlfriend live on stage towards the end of Tropang Trending's performance.[6]

After a month, the show announced the second set of leaders for each group namely Glaiza de Castro for Insta Gang, Ligang iLike's new leader will be Louise de los Reyes, Tropang Trending will be under Mark Herras and Julie Anne San Jose will lead Tweet Hearts.[7]

In July 2013, Ogie Alcasid left the show as his contract with GMA Network expired on June 30, 2013 and subsequently, in August 2013 Alcasid transferred to TV5. While Jolina Magdangal came back to the show as one of the hosts. In August 2013, Kyla joined the show as part of Team Insta Gang and Rodjun Cruz also became a show regular.


Every Sunday, four celebrity teams headed by four celebrity leaders will battle for showdown with their production numbers. The judges will then access their performances determining who gave the best production per week. Criteria for judging includes conceptualization, execution and entertainment value. Home viewers are given a chance to choose who their best team is via online and SMS voting. Voting starts from 12:00 PM of Monday up to the shows airing on Sundays at 1:45 PM. The remaining points will come from the show's segment "Kalerki-Oke" which is done live.[8]

The combined scores are divided into the following: 65% comes from the judges, 20% comes from the SMS votes, 10% comes from the online votes, and the remaining 5% comes from the "Kalerki-Oke" segment. The winner of the current week's show will have the privilege to open the show on next week's episode.


Main Hosts[edit]

Co-hosts and Performers[edit]


Former cast members[edit]


Team colors

Cycle 1[edit]

Episode date Theme Winning team Winning leader Best performer(s)
June 16, 2013 "Astig"[12] Tweet Hearts Jennylyn Mercado Mark Herras
June 23, 2013 "I Do"[5][13] Ligang iLike Kris Bernal1 Aljur Abrenica
June 30, 2013 "Kalye"[14] Tropang Trending Mark Bautista Rochelle Pangilinan
July 7, 2013 "Heroes"[15] Tropang Trending Mark Bautista WinWyn Marquez
July 14, 2013 "Elements"[16] Tropang Trending Mark Herras Rachelle Ann Go
July 21, 2013 "Controversies"[17][17] Insta Gang Glaiza de Castro Rachelle Ann Go
July 28, 2013 "1940s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s" Ligang iLike Louise delos Reyes Aljur Abrenica
August 4, 2013 "International Music" Tropang Trending Rochelle Pangilinan Kylie Padilla
Mark Bautista
August 11, 2013 "Original Pinoy Music"[18][19] Ligang iLike Aljur Abrenica Aljur Abrenica
Sef Cadayona
August 18, 2013 "Emotions" Tropang Trending Rachelle Ann Go Kris Lawrence
Kristoffer Martin
August 25, 2013 "World Festivals"[20] Insta Gang WinWyn Marquez Kyla
Tropang Trending Rachelle Ann Go Jonalyn Viray
September 1, 2013 "Future" Tropang Trending Rachelle Ann Go Sef Cadayona
  1. ^ Jolina Magdangal passed the role to Kris Bernal as the leader of Ligang iLike due to her doctor's health advice. Bernal will be the substitute leader of the team for two weeks and until Magdangal's recovery.[21]

Cycle 2[edit]

Episode date Theme Winning team Winning leader Best performer(s)
September 15, 2013 "Legends & Fairytales"[22] Insta Gang Mark Herras Yassi Pressman
September 22, 2013 "Dance" Tweet Hearts Alden Richards Aira Bermudez
September 29, 2013 "Circus"[23] Tweet Hearts Alden Richards WinWyn Marquez
October 6, 2013 "Mystery Box" Insta Gang Mark Herras Rochelle Pangilinan
LJ Reyes
Sef Cadayona
Mark Bautista
October 13, 2013 "Seasons"[24] Tweet Hearts Rodjun Cruz Andrea Torres
October 20, 2013 "O.F.Ws"[25] Insta Gang LJ Reyes Frencheska Farr
October 27, 2013 "Halloween" Tweet Hearts Rodjun Cruz Rodjun Cruz
November 3, 2013 "Champions" Tropang Trending Max Collins Mark Bautista

Cycle 3[edit]

Episode date Theme Winning team(s) Winning leader(s) Best performer(s)
November 10, 2013 "Movie Festivals"[26] Insta Gang Kris Lawrence Yassi Pressman
December 1, 2013 "4D - Four Directions" Insta Gang Aljur Abrenica Julian Trono
December 8, 2013 "Christmas" Insta Gang Rochelle Pangilinan Christian Bautista
Rochelle Pangilinan
December 15, 2013 "Karoling" Tweet Hearts Kris Bernal Aicelle Santos
Ligang iLike Andrea Torres WinWyn Marquez
Insta Gang Kyla Kyla
Tropang Trending Frencheska Farr Frencheska Farr
Christian Bautista
Rachelle Ann Go

Cycle 4[edit]

Episode date Theme Winning team(s) Winning leader(s) Best performer(s)
January 5, 2014 "New" Insta Gang Kyla Andrea Torres
January 12, 2014 "Versus" Insta Gang Mark Bautista Kyla
Tweet Hearts Rochelle Pangilinan Rachelle Ann Go
January 19, 2014 "Sinulog" Tropang Trending Yassi Pressman Rita de Guzman
Jonalyn Viray
January 26, 2014 "Chinese Zodiac Signs" Insta Gang Mark Bautista LJ Reyes
February 2, 2014 "Music Icons" Tropang Trending Kris Lawrence Rodjun Cruz
February 9, 2014 "Love" Insta Gang LJ Reyes Yassi Pressman
February 16, 2014 "Prom" Tropang Trending Kris Lawrence Steven Silva
February 23, 2014 "Reunion" Insta Gang LJ Reyes Rita de Guzman
Julie Anne San Jose

Cycle 5[edit]

Episode date Theme Winning team(s) Winning leader(s) Best performer(s)
March 2, 2014 "Buwis Buhay" Ligang iLike Kris Bernal Jonalyn Viray
Tropang Trending Mark Bautista Mark Bautista
March 9, 2014 "Other Women" Ligang iLike Kris Bernal Max Collins
March 16, 2014 "Angas" Ligang iLike Kris Bernal Diva Montelaba
March 23, 2014 "Larong Kalye" Tweet Hearts Rocco Nacino Rochelle Pangilinan
Insta Gang Kyla
March 30, 2014 "Hottaw" Tweet Hearts Sef Cadayona Andrea Torres
April 6, 2014 "Good Time" Tropang Trending Mark Herras Kris Lawrence

Standout Awards[edit]

Winners are listed first and highlighted in bold.

Season 1[edit]

Standout team Standout leader Standout performer
  • Tropang Trending
    • Insta Gang
    • Ligang iLike
    • Tweet Hearts
  • Mark Bautista (Tropang Trending)
    • Glaiza De Castro (Insta Gang)
    • Julie Anne San Jose (Tweet Hearts)
    • Sef Cadayona (Tweet Hearts)
    • Aljur Abrenica (Ligang iLike)
    • Christian Bautista (Insta Gang)
    • Jennylyn Mercado (Tweet Hearts)
    • Kris Bernal (Ligang iLike)
    • Louise Delos Reyes (Ligang iLike)
    • Rachelle Ann Go (Tropang Trending)
    • Rochelle Pangilinan (Tropang Trending)
    • Wynwyn Marquez (Insta Gang)
  • Aljur Abrenica (Ligang iLike)
    • Mark Herras (Tropang Trending)
    • Jonalyn Viray (Ligang iLike)
    • Kris Lawrence (Ligang iLike)
    • Kristoffer Martin (Insta Gang)
    • Kyla (Insta Gang)
    • Kylie Padilla (Insta Gang)
    • Mark Bautista (Tropang Trending)
    • Rachelle Ann Go (Tropang Trending)
    • Rochelle Pangilinan (Tropang Trending)
    • Sef Cadayona (Tweet Hearts)
    • Wynwyn Marquez (Insta Gang)
Standout singer Standout dancer
  • Rachelle Ann Go (Tropang Trending)
    • Julie Anne San Jose (Tweet Hearts)
    • Aljur Abrenica (Ligang iLike)
    • Christian Bautista (Insta Gang)
    • Jonalyn Viray (Ligang iLike)
    • Kyla (Insta Gang)
    • Mark Bautista (Tropang Trending)
  • Rochelle Pangilinan (Tropang Trending)
    • LJ Reyes (Ligang iLike)
    • Mark Herras (Tropang Trending)
    • Yassi Pressman (Tweet Hearts)
    • Enzo Pineda (Ligang iLike)
    • Kris Bernal (Ligang iLike)
    • Mark Bautista (Tropang Trending)
    • Max Collins (Tweet Hearts)
    • Sef Cadayona (Tweet Hearts)
    • Andrea Torres (Tweet Hearts)
    • Wynwyn Marquez (Insta Gang)

Season 2[edit]

  • Standout performer - Mark Bautista (Ligang iLike)
  • Standout team - Tweet Hearts

Season 3[edit]

  • Standout performer -Christian Bautista (Tropang Trending)
  • Standout team - Insta Gang

Season 4[edit]

  • Standout performer -Rita de Guzman (Insta Gang)
  • Standout team - Insta Gang

Season 5[edit]

  • Standout performer -Kris Lawrence (Ligang iLike)
  • Standout team - Ligang iLike




Episode date Ligang i-Like Tweet Hearts Insta Gang Tropang Trending
June 16, 2013 None Sonny Parsons of Hagibis, Andre Paras None None
June 23, 2013 Carl Guevarra, LJ Reyes Diego Llorico Pauleen Luna, Rodjun Cruz, Abra, Alessandra De Rossi None
July 7, 2013 Leo Martinez None Rodjun Cruz None
July 14, 2013 Boobay, LJ Reyes, Hideo, Bayang Barrios Ate Gay, Rachel Lobangco Gladys Guevarra, Rodjun Cruz Betong[disambiguation needed], Virlanie Children's Choir
July 21, 2013 Ate Reg, Petite, Ate Gay, LJ Reyes, Mae Paner Herbert Chavez, Madam Auring Aira Bermudez, CPDRC Dancing Inmates Jeric Gonzales, Ody Sto. Domingo
July 28, 2013 Chicser, Carmi Martin, LJ Reyes, Jojo Alejar, Geleen Eugenio Luz Fernandez, Buboy Garovillo, Ryan Yllana WW II survivors Mr & Mrs Banez Pilita Corrales
August 4, 2013 Krizza Neri, Bloomfields, Chicser Thea Tolentino, Down To Mars, XLR8 None Joey Valenciano
August 11, 2013 Cowboy, Osang, Kim Rodriguez, Jet Pangan Gino Padilla Salbakuta Arthur Solinap, Claire de la Fuente, Eva Eugenio
August 18, 2013 Kevin Balot Renzo Alamario, Pocholo Bismonte, Phillip Salvador, Loreta Pacaldo, Marifil Usares, Berlina Ventura, Kenneth Cruz, Paolo Pingol Leana, Angel Satsumi, Hershey Garcia, Miko Zarsadias, Milcah Nacion, Elijah Alejo, Antone Limgenco None
August 25, 2013 None Daiana Menezes None None
September 15, 2013 Bianca King, Dion Ignacio None Jacky Woo Miggs Cuaderno, Miko Zarsadias, Hershey Garcia & Kimberly Faye
September 22, 2013 None Regine Tolentino, Dranrei of Anak Ko Yan None Sean of Anak Ko Yan, Philippine All Stars
October 6, 2013 Jen Jen of Anak Ko Yan James of Anak Ko Yan Atoy Co, Vergel Meneses, Freddie Hubalde, Edric of Anak Ko Yan, Kobe Paras Rafael Rosell, Ryza Cenon, Johnny of Anak Ko Yan
October 20, 2013 Victor Basa, Pancho Magno Donna Cruz Cooky Chua Dingdong Dantes, Roi Vinzon, Central Colleges of the Philippines - ROTC Unit, Officers from Grace Marine and Shipping Corp
October 27, 2013 Krystal Reyes, Joyce Ching, Tim Yap, Alma Moreno None Renz Valerio, Bianca Umali, Hershey Garcia, Miko Zarsadias Lilia Cuntapay, Karel Marquez
November 3, 2013 JenJen of Anak Ko Yan, Rafael Rosell, Filipino Gymnasts Sean of Anak Ko Yan, Roel Gener and Ian Araneta of Philippine Azkals Dranrei of Anak Ko Yan, Jan Manual, Denver Cuello, Mansueto Velasco San Sebastian College - Recoletos Taekwondo Team, Michael Roy, Johnny of Anak Ko Yan, Donald Geisler
November 10, 2013 Joko Diaz Moymoy Palaboy, TessBomb, Epi Quizon Marc Justine Alvarez Regine Tolentino, John Regala
December 1, 2013 Sheree, Sebastian Castro Yasmien Kurdi None None
December 15, 2013 The Company Ate Gay None Mandaluyong Children Choir
January 5, 2014 None Jet Pangan None None
January 12, 2014 Patricia Ismael John Arcilla RJ Padilla Frank Magalona
January 19, 2014 Frances Ignacio Eva Adlawan Ronnie Henares Betong
January 26, 2014 RJ Padilla, Isay Alvarez Michelle Madrigal, Carlo Gonzales, Pauleen Luna Angel Aviles, Carl Acosta Uraculo
February 2, 2014 Wowie de Guzman Sheryn Regis None None
February 9, 2014 Dion Ignacio None Joyce Ching Betong Sumaya
February 16, 2014 None None None Julian Trono
February 23, 2014 Ken Chan Wowie de Guzman Ryza Cenon Hagibis, Julian Trono, Hideaki Torio
March 2, 2014 None None Betong Sumaya None
March 9, 2014 Debraliz Mayton Eugenio Ryza Cenon, Bianca Umali Nanette Inventor
March 30, 2014 None James Reid Shine Kuk None
April 6, 2014 Benjamin Alves James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Natalie Moon Michelle Madrigal None


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