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Sungai Udang is a town in Malacca, Malaysia. It is situated within the parliamentary constituency of Tangga Batu. The Petronas oil refinery is located there.It also got another name call "Home of Commander"

In 1997, Sungai Udang started to rapidly develop. Before that, it was full of wild vegetation and rubber trees. In 2008, the road was expanded. Currently, the shopping center there is the Family store, which has existed for over a decade and Econsave. Now, they is the busiest places in Sungai Udang. Pasar malam (Night Market) in Sungai Udang- Peruna Garden is on every Thursday,Plaza Sungai Udang is on every Wednesday and Saturday,Pahlawan Garden is on every Tuesday.There are also the biggest Prison Complex of ASEAN located there. There are two army camp at there, Commander Camp and Terendak Camp.

Having a Petronas oil refinery, Sungai Udang has managed to attract many visitors and foreign workers.


There are several schools located at Sungai Udang. MRSM Terendak is one of the most reputable schools in the state.[citation needed] The school was established in 1983 under the collaboration of MARA and Malaysian Ministry of Defence whereby MARA will provide the academic and logistic staffs and the ministry will provide the facilities and maintenance.

.There also got a national Chinese school, national Malay school, several Arab school,national secondary school and also got two primary nasional school and national secondary school in Terendak Camp.

Business Area[edit]

  • Sungai Udang Plaza
  • Sungai Udang New Town, also known as Bandar Baru Sungai Udang
  • Sungai Udang Old Town(13th Mile, Sungai Udang)
  • 11th Mile, Sungai Udang

Residential Area[edit]

  • Peruna Garden
  • Sungai Udang Garden
  • Hang Tuah Estate
  • Leech Avenue
  • Terendak Hill Park
  • Sri Terendak Garden
  • Terendak Heights
  • Warrior Garden, also known as Taman Pahlawan
  • Terendak Permai Garden
  • Taming Sari Village Park
  • Keris Emas Garden
  • Keris Laksamana Garden
  • Keris Satria Garden
  • Indah Garden

Coordinates: 2°16′N 102°09′E / 2.267°N 102.150°E / 2.267; 102.150