Anglophone East School District

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Anglophone East School District
Board office location Moncton, New Brunswick
Communities served Alma, Cocagne, Greater Moncton (Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview), Havelock, Hillsborough, Petitcodiac, Sackville, Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, Salisbury, Shediac, and Port Elgin
Number of schools 38
Budget (CAD $ millions) $115.9 (2009–2010)[1]
Number of students 15,600[2]
Chair of the Board Tamara Nichol[3]
Superintendent Gregg Ingersoll[4]

Anglophone East School District, formerly known as School District 2, is a Canada school district in South-East New Brunswick. The district is an Anglophone district operating 38 public schools from grades Kindergarten to 12 in Albert and Westmorland counties. The name of the school districts was changed along with all other school districts in the province in July 2012.[5]

With 2012-2013 enrollment at approximately 15,600 students and 2,400 staff, it is the largest school district in New Brunswick.[6] District 02 is headquartered in Moncton.[7]


The district holds an annual drama production, with students from its various high schools. Presented musicals include:

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