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Sunnyvale Trailer Park is the infamous fictional trailer park home of the characters of Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian TV series. The park is owned by Barbara Lahey and is located somewhere on the outskirts of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

List of Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisors by Season[edit]

Season Trailer Park Supervisor Associate Trailer Park Supervisor Weekend Trailer Park Supervisor Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor
1 Jim Lahey Randy
2 Randy (after episode 2)
3 Jim Lahey (until episode 8), Ricky (end of episode 8) Randy (until episode 8) Ricky (episode 2 only)
4 Ricky (until episode 4), Jim Lahey (after episode 4) Bubbles (until episode 4), Randy (after episode 4)
5 Jim Lahey Randy
6 Randy (end of episode 1) Ray (end of episode 6)
7 Randy (until episode 2), Jim Lahey (at the end of episode 10) Ray (until episode 3), Randy (Presumed at the end of episode 10)
The Movie Jim Lahey Randy
8 Randy Don

During the first three seasons, Barbara Lahey's ex-husband Jim Lahey was the Trailer Park Supervisor and was assisted by his boyfriend Randy. After they went to jail (thanks to Ricky), Ricky became supervisor and was assisted by Bubbles until they lost the wrestling match against Randy and Jim (The referee had previously threatened Ricky and Bubbles with bodily harm). Their win was unfair as Randy used 'foreign objects' in the match, which resulting in Ricky receiving a head wound. Bubbles, being disgruntled at Randy for having done this stepped in and helped Ricky; this constituted a two-on-one and breached the rules of the match. As a result, Jim Lahey and Randy won by default, this, of course being in the referee's favour. At the start of the sixth season, Randy becomes Associate Trailer Park Supervisor after evicting Ray at the end of the season's first episode. After a peace agreement, Ray becomes Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor. In the seventh season, Randy became the Supervisor until he was fired. Ray quits because he is bored of the position and becomes a truck driver (thanks to Bubbles). In the tenth episode of season seven, Lahey resigns from the police force and comes back as the Supervisor.