Sunset Heat (film)

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Sunset Heat
Directed by John Nicolella
Produced by Kandice King, Lance King and John Michaels
Written by John Allen Nelson and Max Strom
Starring Michael Paré
Adam Ant
Dennis Hopper
Daphne Ashbrook
Charlie Schlatter
Tracy Tweed
Music by Jan Hammer
Release dates 1992
Running time 90 min
Country United States
Language English

Sunset Heat is a 1992 thriller film starring Michael Paré, 1980s pop star Adam Ant, and Dennis Hopper. In its obituary of Hopper, The Telegraph called this a "forgettable film" which nonetheless allowed Hopper to pay his alimony.[1] It featured original music by Jan Hammer, who had written the Miami Vice theme music.[2]


Photographer Eric Wright (played by Michael Paré) visits his friend Danny Rollins (Adam Ant) in California. Danny had stolen a million dollars from drug dealer Carl Madson (Dennis Hopper), a former partner of Eric. When Danny is murdered without having told anyone where the money is, Carl demands that Eric finds it for him even though he has no idea where it might be.



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