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Sunstone title.jpg
Lisa and Ally from Sunstone
Author(s) Stjepan Šejić, Linda Lukšić Šejić
Current status / schedule Updated Monthly
Launch date November 2011
Genre(s) Erotica, LGBT, Fetish, Drama, Romantic Comedy

Sunstone is a Webcomic series published on deviantArt, from 2011 until present. The comic is about the various relationships of between a twenty-something young lesbian couple, and other people both inside and outside of the BDSM scene. It is written and drawn by Stjepan Šejić, better known for his work on Ravine and Witchblade, both of Image Comics. He is helped by his wife Linda Lukšić Šejić, who also has her own work on deviantArt in the comic Bloodstain.[1]

Sunstone is published as an adult comic, and is considered Not Safe for Work (NSFW) because of its nudity, sexual content and mild profanity.

Plot Summary[edit]

Sunstone is described as an erotic romantic comedy, but it's specifically an exploration of the BDSM sexual relationship of two young lesbian women.[2]

The primary focus of Sunstone is on the main characters of Lisa Williams and Ally Carter. Lisa is a budding writer who has kept her submissive desires secret for years, and Ally is a dominant and successful business woman largely isolated from the world she lives in.

Ally and Lisa are both bisexual in the beginning, but with little same-sex experience. Both have had unsuccessful relationships due to their Alternative lifestyles, either because of their interest in it or not admitting up to it. Lisa even loses the only man she loved because she couldn't admit to her lifestyle. It is only after they each meet that they admit they have homosexual feelings for each other, though they never actually say they have no more interest in the opposite sex.

By the time both have finished college, and are in their mid-twenties, both have had limited experiences in the world of BDSM. Ally has had some decent S/M experience with a former boyfriend, and has become an expert in bondage, especially Shibari. But Ally has never had a relationship in a D/S relationship as a Domme with a true submissive. Lisa, on the other hand, has practically no experience in S/M, only experimented with self bondage, but has researched the subject and frequently works in BDSM online forums.

The strip follows the pair as their initial online chat leads to their meeting in Real life. Complications ensue as their friendship and play-based relationship quickly develops further than they intended. Both women have to come to terms with their mutual sexual attraction for each other. They soon find themselves falling in love, all while dealing with their personal issues along the way.

As they become girlfriends and lovers Ally and Lisa move in together, and face all the complications of their relationship. But their biggest problem continues to be how they can maintain a normal romantic relationship and their Mistress-Sub relationship simultaneously.

Main characters[edit]

Lisa Williams, 26

Ally's best friend/lover and the main character of Sunstone. She plays the submissive in her and Ally's sexual relationship, and initially met her face-to-face after months of interaction via the Internet. What follows is a blossoming romance between the two, which is seen through the eyes of Lisa as the story's primary narrator.

Allison "Ally" Carter, 27

Lisa's best friend/lover and the second main character of Sunstone. She works as a software programmer during the day and displays geeky tendencies, which contrasts sharply with her Mistress persona in her and Lisa's relationship. Over time, she too starts realizing her love towards Lisa.

Secondary characters[edit]


Ally's ex-boyfriend turned best friend. He designs BDSM gear for different clubs, clients, including Ally and Lisa.


A tattoo artist and friend of Lisa and Cassie. She is interested in BDSM.

Tom and Cassie

Husband and wife couple, and fellow BDSM fans. Cassie is best friend to Anne.


Alan's work assistant and Cassie's brother.

Harper and Tanya

An couple who run a local fetish club that the characters frequent.


An ex-girlfriend of Alan who had a bad experience with BDSM which continues to haunt Ally.

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