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Coordinates: 67°31′34.60″N 18°12′27.40″E / 67.5262778°N 18.2076111°E / 67.5262778; 18.2076111

The hydroelectric dam and wind turbine at Suorva.

Suorva or Suorvadammen (the Suorva Dam) is a small settlement situated at the southern parts of Akkajaure, in Stora Sjöfallet National Park, Sweden. The settlement can be reached by car (and bus, from Gällivare). It consists of a few houses and a dam operated by Vattenfall, which regulates the flow to the hydroelectric plant in Vietas located about 5 kilometers downstream.[1] The road over the dam is normally open for hikers (not cars) and makes for a possible route into the northern parts of Sarek National Park which does not require using a boat.


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