Supanova Pop Culture Expo

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Supanova Pop Culture Expo
Supanova Sydney 2010.jpg
The exhibition floor at Supanova Sydney 2010
Genre Multi-genre
Venue Various
Location(s) Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast
Country Australia
Inaugurated 2002
Most recent Ongoing
Attendance Varies by city; 33,200 to 50,800 in 2014
Organized by Daniel Zachariou
Filing status For profit

Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Supanova) is a fan convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy film and TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables. It is held annually in the Australian cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

The first Supanova was held at the Sydney Showground on the weekend of 20-21 April 2002. It was the successor to comicfest!, four similar conventions under the same management held between March 2000 and November 2002 in Sydney. On the weekend of 13-14 September 2003, Supanova held its first convention in the city of Brisbane at the RNA Showgrounds.[1] In 2008, Supanova expanded to include Melbourne (back-to-back with Brisbane) and Perth (back-to-back with Sydney). In 2012, the convention expanded again, arriving on the Gold Coast and in Adelaide for the first time. As of 2012, the combined annual attendance across Supanova's six events was estimated at 121,000 with the largest attendance of 28,400 fans participating at the Sydney expo in June of that year.

One of the major attractions at Supanova is the special guests - often well-known personalities of interest to convention attendees who participate in signing sessions and panel discussions with their fans.[2] Other notable attractions at Supanova include the cosplay competition,[3] the "Artist's Alley" where aspiring artists can display and sell their work, and the anime theatre. On many occasions Supanova has also hosted, as satellite events, artwork masterclasses, film screenings or similar activities. There is a large exhibitors area at Supanova where attendees can purchase merchandise from one of the many traders present.[4][5]

As of 2012, Supanova is held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds and Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in April, followed by Sydney Olympic Park and Perth Convention and exhibition Centre in June, and finally at RNA Showgrounds Brisbane and Adelaide Showgrounds in November. Supanova's Sydney event was formerly held at the Wharf 8 Function Centre in King Street Wharf, from 2003 to 2005, before returning to Olympic Park in 2006.

Supanova is an Australian-made, independent event not affiliated with foreign exposition producers. It is managed by a team of permanent staff with Daniel Zachariou holding the title of event director.[6] There are also a large number of volunteers, generally appointed on an event-by-event basis, who assist with the on-site running of the convention.

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