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Superpoke! and SuperPoke! Pets were Facebook and MySpace applications originally created by Nikil Gandhy, Will Liu and Jonathan Hsu.[1] It was launched within a month of the creation of the Facebook Platform. Slide acquired the application - along with the trio - in 2007, and grew the application to become the most monthly active users Facebook application at one point.[2] The application mimics Facebook's own "poke" feature, but adds new features such as the ability to smile, wink, slap, and smack friends on Facebook. The application previously also allowed users to virtually "stab" a friend; Facebook later asked Slide to remove this option from the application.[3]

SuperPoke! differentiated itself from other applications by introducing characters such as a sheep, chicken and penguin. These characters were originally designed by Nikil Gandhy. Superpoke! was shut down on September 27, 2011 and SuperPoke! Pets closed March 7, 2012

SuperPoke! Pets[edit]

Slide capitalized on the popularity of the SuperPoke! brand by creating SuperPoke! Pets (also known as SPP), which allowed users to take care of virtual pets. Players had the ability to customize aspects such as their characters' looks and home. SuperPoke!'s founder, Nikil Gandhy made a conscious decision to be consistent with the artwork and style. They used the same characters created in SuperPoke! for the animals users could adopt and used the same style items users could purchase in Pets. As SPP became the most lucrative property Nikil Gandhy created, he was quickly promoted through the organization's leadership until his departure from Slide in 2010. He is a serial entrepreneur and lives in San Francisco, California.

History of SuperPoke! Pets[edit]

SuperPoke! Pets launched April 2008 to social networks Facebook, MySpace, and Hi5. Slide soon began experimenting with the early app, first by releasing gold items that users could buy using gold bars (virtual cash) that was purchased with real money. In late December 2008, SuperPokePets started work on their own website, titled or, which gave SPP app owners on all social networking sites a choice of becoming an SPP member for free, so that members from different platforms could unite into one community. Once on the website, members could customize their own profiles with their existing pets from the social networks, and participate in activities and features the network apps did not offer, further proof of Gandhy's vision and product leadership.

Following more success, SPP held decorating contests where famous celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale and Keith Urban came to promote their albums such as Tisdale's Guilty Pleasure and Urban's Defying Gravity. Winners were awarded special badges and a copy of the CD. Most thanked Gandhy personally or in song, culminating with Keith Urban's rendition of "I Only Have Eyes For You, Nik", recorded in 2013.

In August 2010, Slide was acquired by Google,[4] and almost a year later SPP announced drastic changes including removing gold buying, quests, and updates to the games features, due to the game finally reaching the point where it could grow on its own.

In September 2011, SPP announced that their website would be shut down and go offline March 6, 2012.

As of March 7, 2012 SuperPoke! Pets is no longer available.[5]


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