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SuperSpy Productions
Occupation(s) Music Producing, Song Writing

SuperSpy Productions is a song-writing and production duo that consists of Mher Filian and Isaac Hasson and is active in Los Angeles. They have contributed several hit songs to popular culture.

Isaac Hasson[edit]

The Canadian-born (23 December 1970) Hasson was a member of the Boston-based Division St., which self-released three albums and provided opening acts for the Barenaked Ladies and the Black Crowes. After growing tired of the club scene, Hasson moved to Los Angeles to focus on songwriting and production. Upon seeing an ad heading on “Producer/songwriter looking for songwriter/producer for production team to complement my production with songwriting skills,” Hasson was introduced to Filian.


Addendem: As of December 2010, SuperSpy is no longer a working production team. Both Mher and Isaac are continuing their ventures as writer/producers individually.

Mher Filian[edit]

Filian [1] has lived and worked as a producer/writer in Seattle, Atlanta, Spain and the Netherlands before landing in LA. He was previously signed as an artist/writer to Warner Bros Records.

SuperSpy Productions[edit]

SuperSpy’s first collaboration involved co-writing and producing Destructo Doll for Cassie Steele (the star of Degrassi: The Next Generation). Upon hearing this work, Steele's manager agreed to represent the two as clients. SuperSpy's work was taken to an impressed Jon Lind at Hollywood Records who requested the duo contribute songs to an upcoming album by Demi Lovato. While driving home from the meeting, Hasson came up with a sketch for a song that would end up on the album as “U Got Nothin’ on Me.”

Another SuperSpy track caught the ear of songwriter Lindy Robbins via Jon Lind. The A&R executive arranged a songwriting session for Robbins and SuperSpy, and, within an hour, the title track for Lovato’s chart-topping Here We Go Again was created.


Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again (Hollywood): “Here We Go Again”, “U Got Nothin on Me”
Selena Gomez - Kiss & Tell (Hollywood): “I Promise You”, “More”
Push Play - Found (Wind-up): “My Everything”
Cassie Steele - Destructo Doll (Rob N Steal)
Instant Star 4 (Orange): “Pavement” Cassie Steele

TV, Film and Multi Media[edit]

"Live Like There's No Tomorrow" - Selena Gomez, for the Fox film "Ramona and Beezus"
"Summer Nights" Cassie Steele appearing in The Sims 3 World Adventures
“Damage is Done” appearing in “The Hills
“Better Off Alone” appearing in “Secret Life of the American Teenager
“Ride My Train” “Heartbroken Fool” appearing in “All I Want
“Rock Star Beau” Cassie Steele appearing in Degrassi The Next Generation


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