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The Super Chair was an unreleased accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The player would use the chair to determine which direction their character went onscreen by leaning in the chair.[1] It would also come with joysticks on the sides that acted as the A, B, Select, and Start buttons that would be present on a standard controller. The purpose of the accessory is similar to that of the Roll 'n Rocker.


The chair was intended for release although it was never put on the market. Only prototypes were created and not a finished product, which may mean that the accessory was never sold due to time constraints.

A prototype of the chair was sold in 2010 on eBay by a man named Ed Siemienkowicz, who described his possession of the chair prototype as well as the prototype itself as the following:[2]

"Dating from 1988 or 1989, this chair is designed to use your body's movement as the joystick, with the A & B and Start and Select buttons on the sticks. It's best used with flying or driving games. This rare item was acquired by my father at a trade show for imported products. The chair's maker, the Sangkharom Trading Company, brought with them a few working models and prototypes. This item NEVER went to market, so you can be the owner of such an exclusive and impossible to find gaming artifact!"