Super Dodge Ball Advance

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Super Dodge Ball Advance
Developer(s) Million Co. Ltd.
Publisher(s) Atlus
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date(s)
  • JP 21 March 2001
  • NA 11 June 2001
  • EU 16 November 2001
Genre(s) Sports game
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Distribution 64-megabit cartridge

Super Dodge Ball Advance, released in Japan as Bakunetsu Dodgeball Fighters (爆熱ドッジボールファイターズ?, "Bakunetsu" meaning "Burning Heat"), dodge ball game based on the Super Dodge Ball. While based on the original Super Dodge Ball series, the game does not feature the Kunio-kun characters from the original game due to copyrights issues, as developer Million did not obtain the rights to the Kunio-kun characters until the following year.[citation needed] However, the game uses a remixed version of opening and ending songs from Technos Japan Corp's Super Dodge Ball games.


"It is a time when dodge ball is at the peak of its glory. The dream to become a professional dodge ball player is just as popular as the dream to become any other kind of athlete.

Only the best teams from around the world can participate in the championship tournament and compete become the world's No. 1 team. How far in the championship tournament can your team go?

The Dream Teams are only available when your team is ranked No. 1 after winning the tournament. Do you have what it takes to become the dodge ball champion?

Let's Play!"

Game play[edit]

Player initially starts with 1 team in tournament, but can unlock playing other teams by defeating a dream team. After unlocking all dream teams by repeating the tournament, player fight against the shadow of player's team at the final round of the tournament and they are much tougher to beat than Team Atlus.

Each team has 8 members, but only 7 are allowed to play. You can choose which characters you want by selecting Position. You can check their stats by selecting Data. You can differentiate the formation, there are 5 of them: Basic, Retreat, Advanced, Cannon, and Machine gun. You change the court surface (There are 5: Green: Normal, Blue: Icy, Red: Slippery, Yellow: Bouncy, Purple: Super Bouncy). You can change the name of the players also the team name.

There are special attacks in the game. Each player has 2 special moves. The 1st special move is doing a double tap run, then press B on the third step, or you run and jump and press B. There are 50 special moves in the game.

In the player data: you can see the person's: Throw Power: Strength of a throw, Throw Speed: Speed of the ball, Throw Control: Controlling the curve of the ball, Agility: Player Speed, Jump: Player's Jumping Ability, Catch: Ability to catch an opponent's ball, Dodge: Ability to dodge an opponent's ball, Toughness: Defensive ability of a ball, Will Power: Ability to recover after being hit by a ball, Stamina: The total number of health points of a player.

You can change the style of the player too.

A new feature for English gamer is the ability to perform tag team combo, which allows player to deal extra damages by sending players to jump into opponent team's territory.

Erasing all save game data causes the game to randomly choose a new manager (4 selectable).


The main characters of the game are actually Ken and Sara, the captain and manager of the player's team, respectively; Steve, a member of the USA Braves; and Todd and Ted, identical twins who are members of the Australia Stars.


The Main Team named Heroes This is your main team you start off with in the beginning of the game. You can choose where you want this team to be from.

Team Heroes: (Description: "This is your main team. It is a team with good team work with Ken as the captain. How good the team is depends on you.") Characters are: Ken (Main Character/Captain), Tom, Paul, Ben, Neal, Fred, David and Jack.
China Dragons: (Description: "This team does not have any outstanding plays, but their balanced team follows the basics of dodge ball") This team consists of: Lee (Captain), Chen, Lian, Chao, Wang, Tsai, Mao, and Dung.
England Knights: (Description: "James, Harry, Scott, and Goaty are brothers and their team coordination is outstanding")This team consists of: James (Captain), Harry, Scott, Henry, Roger, Peter, Cliff, and Goaty.
USA Braves: (Description: "This is a very strong willed team. his team has the potential to go all the way to the top.") Team Consists of: Sam (captain), John, Mike, Randy, Bill, Steve (one of the main characters), Jim, and Dick.
Australia Stars: (Description: "The players on this team are popular among girls for their good looks. Chad can catch just about anything.") Team Consists of: Chad (Captain), Will, Miles, Todd and Ted (two other main characters), Bobby, Colin, and Dude.
Russia Bears: (Description: "The captain of the team is Boris, he is an outstanding player, but the other players need some improvement.) Team Consists of: Boris, Ivan, Vlade, Pavel, Igor, Andre, Volf, and Yakov. (On a side note: This team is the weakest among all of them. Most of the stats they have are low compared to any other team. So when you use this team, make sure you are well prepared when taking on Team Atlus with these guys.)
Holland Angels: (Description: "A team with very high stamina. This team can take a beating!") Team Consists of: Dirk (Captain), Franz, Gino, Hank, Fritz, Johann, Rolf, and Der.
Japan Ninjas: (Description: "Their acrobatic style of play reminds you of a ninja.") Team Consists of: Fuji (Captain), Sato, Honda, Aoki, Oda, Hino, Inoki, Hori, Baba.
Canada Foxes: (Description: "Their wild style of play can get them into trouble but they usually get the job done.") Team consists of: Roy (Captain), Sid, Troy, Lyle, Clark, Bruce, Ray, Gage.
Korea Bombers: (Description: "This team is rich with tradition. Many great players have come out of this team. Li's super throw is powerful") Team consists of: Li (Captain), Chung, Han, Kim, Pak, Choi, Soo, and Rhee.
The Dream Teams are: Shooters, Rockets, Ironmen, Warriors, and Team Atlus. Team Atlus is the toughest team in the game.

Super Throws[edit]

There are 50 super throws available. Pressing B on the 3rd step after dashing results in a Dash Super Throw. Pressing the B Button at the peak of a Dash Jump results in a Jump Super Throw. Each character may use 2 super throws. Among the 50 super throws, there are 2 exclusive super throws, which are available on only very few characters: the Random Throw, which is exclusive to 1 character, and the Copy Throw, which is usable by 2 characters. Copy Throw allows a character to perform the last super throw the opponent executed, whilst Random Throw will randomly select and perform any of the other 49 super throws (including Copy Throw).

Other Super Throws include:

1. Mach Throw: The character throws the ball at high speeds at an opponent,
2. Wide Shot: The character throws the ball, which splits into 7 and covers a wide range of space.
3. Surpriser: The character appears to pass the ball, which then quickly moves towards the opponent.
4. Plague Shot: A countless number of balls cover the opponent and inflate, as if they are absorbing the opponent's health.
5. Funky Throw: A very unpredictable throw that can throw your opponent's timing off, making it very difficult to catch.
6. Seven Way: The ball splits into seven separate balls and flies around the court, with an unpredictable movement pattern.

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