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SUPER EUROBEAT Vol.162 Cover Art - © Avex Trax, Japan.

Super Eurobeat (Japanese: スーパー ユーロビート, Abbreviation: SEB) is a CD compilation series of Eurobeat music in Japan. The series itself is one of the longest running in the entire world. It has been running for over twenty years and currently consists of 233 volumes (not counting the many "Super Eurobeat presents" albums). Originally, Time Records, Flea Records and Discomagic were some of the record labels that appeared on the original Super Eurobeat albums. The series began as a Beat Freak release, which lasted for 8 albums, after that the series was changed over to Avex, and that's also when A-Beat C joined in. The first 10 volumes of Super Eurobeat are mostly Italo disco, which is quite different from the modern Eurobeat. The slower beats and serious 80's tone make this music stand out from the rest.[1]

The term "Super Eurobeat" is sometimes misunderstood and misused by people outside Japan as a music genre (which is synonymous to the Eurobeat genre used in Japanese market).

Release information[edit]

After Super Eurobeat had transferred to Avex Trax, the CDs themselves were released at a constant rate for the most part, save a few instances where two CDs came out the same day and that Super Eurobeat was not produced for a good portion of a year. In 1994, the original 8 Super Eurobeat albums were also re-released under Avex Trax. The pattern of Super Eurobeat albums were usually 2-3 regular albums, a nonstop album, 2-3 albums, a nonstop album, 2-3 albums, and a large compilation album (usually a request countdown). Since Super Eurobeat Vol. 30, these compilation albums generally fall on every tenth album. Early regular albums contained 13 extended tracks, while starting from Vol. 64, the albums contain 18 CD-edit tracks.

Since the 150s, with the exception of volume 165 (which was a megamix), every SEB became a normal 18 track release with every 10th album being a compilation album with an extra DVD usually containing ParaPara. 150 was an Anniversary mix with Disc 1 being the History of Eurobeat and Disc 2 being the History of J-Euro (this is out of the ordinary), and 160 was a request countdown (like the other tenth albums of the 100s are). This pattern discontinued with the release of 187, in which it returned to the old 13 extended track format.

Number of tracks in each volume, excluding non-stop albums and bonus discs:

  • Vol. 9 - 13: 9-10
  • Vol. 14 - 32: 12
  • Vol. 34: 14
  • Vol. 1 - 8 (re-released), 35 - 62, 187 - 189: 13
  • Vol. 64 - 132, 141 - 186: 18
  • Vol. 134 - 139: 15, with CD-Extra audios or videos
  • Vol. 191 -196: 13, with a non-stop megamix track of all songs
  • Vol. 197 - 199: 30 Track Nonstop Megamix
  • Vol. 200: 20th Anniversary CD. CD 1 contains a 100 song megamix from the series's history. CD 2 is a mix of popular J-Euro
  • Vol. 201 - 209: 14, 12 extended tracks, 1 J-Euro remix track, and 1 English remix track (usually a Eurock remix)
  • Vol. 211 - 219: 15, 14 extended tracks and 1 remix track.
  • Vol. 221 onward: 15 extended tracks, except Vol.222 which had a 16th track because a track on 221 had a mastering error and the correct version was re-released.

The songs are CD-Edits (also called "SEB Edit" in Japan, and "Radio edit" overseas) in Vol. 64 - 186, but extended versions in other releases.

Active Super Eurobeat labels[edit]

Asia Records/Boom Boom Beat was active during the 161-169 but had a blackout from volume 170 to 185 where only older tracks in extended format got released.

Defunct Super Eurobeat labels[edit]

It should be noted that even if A-Beat-C tracks are being released on Vol.221 onward, those tracks are old and unreleased tracks from before 2009. No new tracks are being produced under those labels and this is why it is still considered defunct.

Highlights from Super Eurobeat history[edit]

  • 21.01.1990 - Super Eurobeat - 001 - The first Beat Freak album is released. Time is the only label until Vol.8.
  • 25.11.1990 - Super Eurobeat - 009 - Avex takes over distribution of the series. A-Beat C joins and it is the only label in the series.
  • 10.08.1991 - Super Eurobeat - 014 - Time re-joins the series.
  • 10.11.1994 - Super Eurobeat - 001 - 004 - Re-released by Avex.
  • 10.12.1994 - Super Eurobeat - 005 - 008 - Re-released by Avex.
  • 21.02.1996 - Super Eurobeat - 064 - Delta joins the series. The regular format changes from 13 extended tracks to 18 shorter radio edits, to allow more exposure per label.
  • 21.03.1997 - Super Eurobeat - 076 - The first Super Remix Collection bonus disc is included.
  • 04.08.1999 - Super Eurobeat - 100 - The series reaches its 100th album milestone.
  • 22.01.2003 - Super Eurobeat - 134 - The 18 track format drops to 15, in favour of bonus video content.
  • 18.09.2003 - Super Eurobeat - 141 - HI-NRG Attack, SCP and Vibration join the series. The number of tracks returns to 18.
  • 28.09.2005 - Super Eurobeat - 161 - Boom Boom Beat joins the series, while Vibration departs.
  • 27.09.2006 - Super Eurobeat - 171 - Boom Boom Beat departs from the series.
  • 31.01.2007 - Super Eurobeat - 174 - Avex expands the album format with a bonus disc each month, alternating between re-releases of old songs in extended format, special megamixes, and remixes of newer songs.
  • 28.02.2007 - Super Eurobeat - 175 - Go Go's Music joins the series.
  • 02.04.2008 - Super Eurobeat - 186 - Boom Boom Beat rejoins the series. Sinclaire Style joins the series for the first time.
  • 07.05.2008 - Super Eurobeat - 187 - The bonus disc is dropped, while the main disc's 18 track radio edit format is reverted to the 13 track extended format after 12 years.
  • 04.06.2008 - Super Eurobeat - 188 - Dima Music joins the series for the first time.
  • 01.10.2008 - Super Eurobeat - 191 - Series takes on a new themed format, with the first being a driving-themed compilation.
  • 05.11.2008 - Super Eurobeat - 192 - Sergio Dall'ora rejoins the series with his own Eurogrooves label, replacing Time Records presence. With party themed. A cover song ' wait for you ' by ace was dance floor night mix version
  • 03.03.2010 - Super Eurobeat - 201 - The series reverts once again to a 12 track extended format, this time with one J-Euro remix and one rock remix.
  • 04.08.2010 - Super Eurobeat - 206 - Dave Rodgers rejoins the series with his new label, Sun Fire Records, replacing A-Beat C presence.
  • 02.02.2011 - Super Eurobeat - 211 - Speed Records joins the series substituting for Boom Boom Beat which was in hiatus then. Both labels are under Mauro Farina's Saifam group.
  • 23.01.2013 - Super Eurobeat - 221 - The Super Eurobeat was, for the year 2012, dead. It came back to life in January 2013 with the 221st volume which introduced a new release pace: a volume every two months. The release uses the 15 extended tracks format with the exception of volume 222 where the 16th track was included because a mastering error in volume 221.

Super Eurobeat presents[edit]

Besides the main compilation series, albums with different themes are also released with the "Super Eurobeat" name. Also, in November 2008, albums focused on specific artists such as Dave Rodgers, Go2, Domino and Niko were released on worldwide iTunes. These are called the "Super Eurobeat presents" compilations. They include:

  • Aishu Euro Special
  • Euro Hit Box
  • Euro Movement
  • Eurobeat Revolution
  • Euromach
  • GTC Special
  • Hi-NRG '80s
  • Hyper Star Energy
  • Initial D D-Selection
  • J-Euro Original Collection
  • JGTC Special
  • J-Euro[2]
Ayu-ro Mix (1, 2, 3)
Euro Every Little Thing
Euro Global
Euro "Dream" Land
Hyper Euro MAX
J-Euro Best
J-Euro Non-Stop Best

The albums are currently missing from the iTunes Store and it is unknown whether or not they will return.

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