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Also known as S☆G, Supaga
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Pop, teen pop, bubblegum pop
Years active 2010 - present
Labels Idol Street
Associated acts Cheeky Parade, GEM
Members Rika Shimura
Hikaru Watanabe
Rina Miyazaki
Rino Katsuta
Reira Arai
Mirei Tanaka
Ruka Mizote
Aya Gotō
Ami Maeshima
Kōme Watanabe
Nana Asakawa
Risa Uchimura
Past members Eri Akita
Kaede Kanō
Saori Yasaka

Super Girls, stylized as SUPER☆GiRLS, is a 12-member Japanese idol group formed by Avex Trax in 2010 after various auditions.


Avex held public auditions for members of the new group in June 2010, in which twelve finalists were selected from some 7,000 participants.[1] By February 2010, about 1,000 people advanced to the second round, and a final round was held in June. The results of the audition were subject to controversy because of a lottery system used to select two of the members. Super Girls made their stage debut on 7 August 2010 at the A-Nation event. The first live performance of the 12-member idol group was held at Shiodome-AX in Tokyo, and the group released their first album, Chōzetsu Shōjo (超絶少女?), on 22 December 2010. The group held their first actual concert on 23 October at Harajuku Astro Hall in Tokyo.[2]

The group's debut single, "Gambatte Seishun", was delayed due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[citation needed] Two more singles followed in 2011, "Max! Otomegokoro/Happy Go Lucky!" and "Joshiryoku Paradise". At the end of the year, they were nominated for the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist but lost to another girl group, Fairies.[3][4]


Original members

  • Rika Shimura (志村 理佳?) (Leader)
  • Hikaru Watanabe (渡邉 ひかる?)
  • Rina Miyazaki (宮﨑 理奈?) (Deputy leader)
  • Rino Katsuta (勝田 梨乃?)
  • Reira Arai (荒井 玲良?)
  • Mirei Tanaka (田中 美麗?)
  • Ruka Mizote (溝手 るか?)
  • Aya Gotō (後藤 彩?)
  • Ami Maeshima (前島 亜美?)

Chapter 2 members

  • Kōme Watanabe (渡邉 幸愛?)
  • Nana Asakawa (浅川 梨奈?)
  • Risa Uchimura (内村 莉彩?)

Former members

  • Eri Akita (秋田 恵里?) (Graduated February, 2012)
  • Kaede Kanō (稼農 楓?) (Graduated January 16, 2013)
  • Saori Yasaka (八坂 沙織?) (Founder Leader) (Graduated February 23, 2014)

Chouzetsu Color[edit]

In SUPER☆GiRLS, the member color which hits the image color is called "Chouzetsu Color". Each color is on button, the emblem and part of the costume. In February 23, 2014, pan-tone color code name of the new color transcendence was announced [5]

Member name Color Member name Color Member name Color Member name Color Member name Color
Yasaka Sky Blue Akita Green Katsuta Precious Navy(Navy) Mizote Vivid Red(Red) WatanabeKō Shine Silver
Shimura Pure White(White) WatanabeHi Champagne Gold(Gold) Arai Lavender Purple(Purple) Gotō Mandarin Orange(Orange) Asakawa Mint Green
Kanō Blue Miyazaki Lemon Yellow(Yellow) Tanaka Premium Black(Black) Maeshima Rose Pink(Pink) Uchimura Royal Blue



Title Release date Chart position Sales
Certification Notes

Chōzetsu Shōjo
22 December 2010 32 55 4,905 7,382 -
EveryBody Jump!! 1 February 2012 5 9 24,474 29,543 -
Celebration 20 February 2013 3 12 25,928 28,425


Title Release date Chart position Sales
Certification Notes

"Ganbatte Seishun"
(がんばって 青春?)
20 April 2011 5 49 13,552 16,602 -
"Max! Otomegokoro / Happy Go Lucky! Hapi Raki de Go!"
(MAX! 乙女心 / Happy Go Lucky!~ハピ☆ラキでゴー!~?)
15 June 2011 5 25 29,027 39,964 -
"Joshiryoku Paradise"
5 October 2011 2 5 48,917 57,160 -
"1,000,000 Smile"
18 April 2012 5 23 36,725 43,230 -
"Puri Puri Summer Kiss"
4 July 2012 4 10 71,736 92,599 Gold
"Akai Jōnetsu"
24 October 2012 2 9 53,607 58,521 -
"Tokonatsu Hai Tatchi"
12 June 2013 3 18 75,937 87,110 -
"Toshishita no Otokonoko"
4 December 2013 11 31 11,640 12,136 Released as Candy Macchiato from SUPER GiRLS
"Sentimental Journey"
12 34 11,046 11,538 Released as Maeshima Ami from SUPER GiRLS
"Jin Jin Jingle Bells"
(ジン ジン ジングルベル?)
10 33 11,666 12,137 Released as Twinkle Veil from SUPER GiRLS
"Sorairo no Kiseki"
12 February 2014 2 39,604 40,699
"Hanamichi!! A~mbitious"
14 May 2014 3 33,585 34,750
"Ahhahha! ~Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~"
(アッハッハ! ~超絶爆笑音頭~?)
13 August 2014 4 41,385 51,043


Title Release date Contents
First concert: Chōzetsu Shōjo ga Tomannai!
28 September 2011 Live performance on 21 December 2010, at Shibuya-AX
Super Girls Chōzetsu Shōjo 2012 Memorial at Nihon Seinenkan
(SUPER☆GiRLS 超絶少女2012 メモリアル at 日本青年館?)
28 March 2012 Live performance on 5 February 2012, at Nippon Seinen-kan Hall
Super Girls Seitan 2 Shūnen Kinen SP & Idol Street Carnival 2012 
(SUPER☆GiRLS生誕2周年記念SP & アイドルストリートカーニバル2012?)
19 September 2012 Live performance on 12 June 2012, at Nakano Sunplaza
Chōzetsu Gakuen: Mirai e no Step
12 December 2012 Short films shown on 18 August 2012, at Odaiba Cinema Mediage in Tokyo
Chōzetsu Bus Tour: Idol Street Dai-undōkai in Yamanashi
(超絶バスツアー ~アイドルストリート大運動会 in 山梨~?)
9 January 2013 Documentary film of event held on 23 November 2012, in Yamanashi
Super Girls no Chōzetsu Adventure!
20 March 2013 TV programs


Japan Record Awards[edit]

The Japan Record Awards is a music awards show held annually by the Japan Composer's Association.

Year Recipient Award Result
2011 SUPER☆GiRLS (group) New Artist[3] Won
Best New Artist[4] Nominated


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