Super Mario's Wacky Worlds

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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds
Developer(s) NovaLogic
Publisher(s) Philips
Designer(s) Marty Foulger
Programmer(s) John Brooks
Silas Warner
Artist(s) Nina Stanley
Platform(s) Philips CD-i
Release date(s) Cancelled
Genre(s) Adventure

Super Mario's Wacky Worlds is a cancelled Mario platform video game in development by NovaLogic for the Philips CD-i system. The game was designed to be a sequel to Super Mario World, a Super Nintendo game released in 1990, that took advantage of the system's hardware. While an early prototype of the game received positive feedback from Nintendo, the game was cancelled due to the declining sales of the Philips CD-i system.


A planned platformer for the CD-i console in 1993, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds is about Mario in a series of "Wacky Worlds", including ancient lands, haunted worlds, jungles and ice lands, as well as more. The game attempted to duplicate the gameplay of Super Mario World for the SNES. Though the game sprites are based on Super Mario World, the level design is based on Earth locations rather than the Mushroom Kingdom or Mushroom World.


Due to the limitations of the CD-i, several features could not be included in the game, such as large numbers of sprites on the screen, Mode 7 and many visual effects. The nature of the pointing device controller provides difficult controls for Mario, as the game has the default controls of running and jumping.


This game was to be one of the few games in Philips' deal with Nintendo that actually played like a Nintendo game — other titles like Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Hotel Mario featured Nintendo characters and aspects of Nintendo gameplay, but were made without much more than concept approval from Nintendo in Japan and differed significantly (where comparisons are even apt) from the NES/SNES games. Despite its ambition to look and play just like a real Super Mario game, this title was never completed due to the poor sales of the Philips CD-i.


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