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Super Turrican (NES)
Super Turrican NES.jpg
Cover art of Super Turrican (NES)
Developer(s) Rainbow Arts
Publisher(s) Imagineer
Designer(s) Manfred Trenz
Artist(s) Manfred Trenz
Composer(s) Manfred Trenz
Series Turrican
Platform(s) NES
Release date(s) NES - EU 1992
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution ROM Cartridge

Super Turrican is the name of two different games in the Turrican series that share the same name.


The first Super Turrican was developed for the NES by series creator Manfred Trenz alone. It is based roughly on the levels of the first two Turrican games, which had not been previously released on the NES, combining them into one game. The game was never released outside Europe. Super Turrican was the only game composed by Manfred Trenz. To create the game's soundtrack, he used a sound driver programmed by David Whittaker, which he then edited to use with the game.

Super NES[edit]

Super Turrican (Super NES)
Super Turrican (USA).png
North American cover art of Super Turrican (SNES)
Developer(s) Factor 5
Publisher(s) Seika Corp.
Hudson Soft
Tonkin House
Factor 5
Producer(s) Julian Eggebrecht
Designer(s) Julian Eggebrecht, Holger Schmidt, Frank Matzke
Artist(s) Frank Matzke, Ramiro Vaca, Andreas Escher
Composer(s) Chris Hülsbeck
Series Turrican
Platform(s) SNES, Virtual Console
Release date(s) SNES
  • NA May 1993
  • JP September 3, 1993
Virtual Console
  • EU February 29, 2008
  • NA March 3, 2008
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution ROM Cartridge

The second Super Turrican was developed by Factor 5 and published by Seika for the SNES. It plays similarly to Mega Turrican, also developed by Factor 5, and shares a similar visual style. The game has a different set of levels, however, and features a freeze beam in place of the original lightning whip. This Super Turrican videogame was also released on the Virtual Console in Europe and Australia on February 29, 2008, and in North America on March 3, 2008 (not available starting on March 7, 2013 until March 14, 2013).


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