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This article is about the band Supercute!. For the musician Prince's song, see Supercute.
Origin New York City, Brooklyn, New York
Genres Indie pop, Psychedelic pop, Anti-folk
Years active 2009 (2009)—2013
Associated acts Kate Nash, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, San Cisco, Care Bears on Fire, R. Stevie Moore, Terry Tinsel
Past members Rachel Trachtenburg
Julia Cumming
Ruby Tanja
LuLu Laurette Prat
June Lei
Olivia Ferrer
Delilah Brierley
Jacqueline Russo
Heather Boo
Rosie Slater

Supercute!, often stylized as SUPERCUTE!, was an American indie pop band from New York City that composed of members Rachel Trachtenburg, Julia Cumming, LuLu Laurette Prat and Ruby Tanja. The band has acquired notable press attention, toured several times in the U.S. and Europe with English singer-songwriter Kate Nash. Trachtenburg has described the band's unique sound as "psychedelic-indie-bubblegum";[1] Cumming told Nylon Magazine Supercute's songs are "ukelele rock operas", while Nash was quoted as saying "it's the smartest pop you’ve heard in years. It’s scandy-colored, girly and fierce, political and intelligent, innocent yet wise. And they have indie-credible style."[2] The band split up in mid-2013 to pursue other projects and interests; Trachtenburg went to pursue a solo singing career and plays drums in local NYC bands The Prettiots and garage rock band Larry and the Babes, Cumming is pursuing runway modeling and is lead singer of her band, Sunflower Bean, Prat is bassist for The Prettiots and The Tangiers, and Tanja is a fashion photographer.[3][4][5][6]

Trachtenburg and Cumming, the then core members of Supercute!, also co-hosted an Internet talk radio show named Pure Imagination on the Progressive Radio Network about politics, art and music that is aimed primarily at fellow teens.[7] The two were in a Glam rock cover band, Terry Tinsel,[8] Cumming and Trachtenburg have also both done some fashion modeling - Trachtenburg is currently signed with Elite Model Management.[9] Rachel has also been an outspoken political activist, remarkably addressing the New York City Council at age 14 in 2008 to protest against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s rewriting of the city’s mayoral term-limits law,[10] and both she and Julia have been actively involved with protests on behalf of Slutwalk NYC, in favor of vegetarianism, and against the mistreatment of Central Park's carriage horses. "We want to change the world," Trachtenburg told a national magazine in 2011.[2]


Rachel Sage Piña-Trachtenburg (born December 10, 1993), the daughter of Jason and Tina Piña Trachtenburg, first started playing the drums for her family band (The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players) at the age of 6.[11] Growing up initially in Seattle and then in the East Village, Manhattan, Rachel first met Julia Rachel Cumming (born January 16, 1996[12]) in 2003. Julia is the daughter of Alec Cumming, a longtime friend of and occasional bassist for the Trachtenburgs, and Cynthia Harden, a noted epileptologist;[13] Alec and Cynthia's band Bite The Wax Godhead was active in the New York music scene of the early-to-mid 1990's.[14] Trachtenburg and Cumming became close friends and fellow entrepreneurs, often selling lemonade, hot chocolate, popcorn and chai together in front of Rachel’s East Village, Manhattan apartment building.[15] (Trachtenburg and her parents currently live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, due to the increasingly unaffordable rents of Manhattan.)

Rachel long had dreams of creating her own all female band when she got older, a project that family friend Kate Nash (a popular UK-based singer/songwriter who had first toured with the Trachtenburg Family in 2008) particularly encouraged. In the summer of 2009, Trachtenburg enlisted Cumming and June Lei, who had been best friends since the second grade at Manhattan’s PS 40, to form a group. They debuted as The OMG Girls,[16] but the name was changed to Supercute! once it became apparent there was already a teen-girl group with the name of The OMG Girlz. Supercute! gained positive reviews for their appearance at the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon [17] and began to play all-ages performances with friends and fellow teen performers Care Bears on Fire, Nat & Alex Wolff and Jack Skuller [18] at Cake Shop NYC and other local venues.[19] The New York Times praised the band for its “tidy, clever bubblegum pop” with “pop instincts as finely honed as Mr. [Nick] Jonas’s”.[20]

The early Supercute! era featured a more acoustic, quirky, "anti-folk" sound, with Trachtenburg on ukulele, Cumming on ukulele and acoustic guitar and Lei on keyboards. The three were especially noted for their homemade space-age outfits, on-stage hula-hooping, and witty cover choices (Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop[21] and Pink Floyd’s “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”, amongst others). They frequently appeared at comedy/performance art shows as well as rock venues, performing alongside Paul Rudd,[22] Jeff Garlin,[23] Janeane Garofalo[24] and Ira Glass.[25] The band released a music video titled "Not To Write About Boys" [26] in mid-2010 (featuring guest star Jack Skuller), toured later that year with Kate Nash in both the U.S. and Europe,[1] and created a stir busking on Ludlow Street in New York's Lower East Side during the 2010 CMJ Conference.[27] "I think Supercute! is about being yourself, and breaking rules, and art and music," Trachtenburg told the Village Voice at the time. "You have to stick to what you are, and be true to that. And I think Supercute! is also about being goofy and just having fun with fashion."[15]

By the end of 2010, Lei left the band to concentrate on her high school studies, and Supercute! had been primarily been a duo project of Trachtenburg and Cumming’s ever since. (Julia attends New York's Professional Performing Arts School, which allows its students a fair amount of latitude towards taking leaves of absences for out-of-town projects and tours.) Olivia Ferrer, daughter of Guns N' Roses drummer Frank Ferrer, performed extensively with the band throughout 2011 and into 2012 on keyboards and bass, making her live debut as the girls busked the 2011 SXSW festival[28] Olivia appeared with Rachel and Julia on videos for “Paint It Black” [29] and “Dumb Dumbs”, the latter featuring cameos of Kate Nash, Reverend Jen, and Andrew W.K.[30] Delilah Brierley, then a resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, also began to make appearances as an alternate Supercute! member at the time.[31] But Ferrer and her family found the demands of frequent commutes into New York City from suburban New Jersey increasingly difficult to manage; Brierley, meanwhile, returned to her native England in 2012. Jacqueline Russo joined briefly as the band's drummer in 2012 and bassist Heather Boo joined briefly in early 2013.

Supercute! recorded a song, "Superrookie!", for the September 2011 debut of Tavi Gevinson's online magazine, Rookie,[32] which was later released as a flexi disc accompanying the 2012 Drawn and Quarterly book release of Rookie Yearbook One.[33] Gevinson's attitude towards encouraging independent thinking, style and creativity within adolescent girls fits in well with the Supercute! worldview, and the band and magazine maintain a fruitful alliance.[34][35] Also in 2012, Trachtenburg and Cumming shot a reality-show pilot for Den Of Thieves[36] (a video production company that has worked extensively with MTV and Bravo), and expanded the Supercute! sound by playing with new musicians Heather Boo[37] (bass) and Jacqueline Russo (drums). Julia and Rachel also collaborated with R. Stevie Moore on a cover of Paul McCartney's "Coming Up",[38] and recorded background vocals for several songs on the Dot Wiggin solo album Ready! Get! Go!.[39] (The reclusive Wiggin, guitarist and songwriter for the groundbreaking music group The Shaggs, released her new music in over thirty years in 2013 with the help of bassist/producer Jesse Krakow.)

Trachtenburg and Cumming recruited bassist/vocalist LuLu Laurette Prat (formerly of the band Care Bears on Fire) and drummer Ruby Tanja as Russo and Boo's replacements to join them for their 10-city March 2013 Northeast U.S. tour opening for Kate Nash with drummer Rosie Slater, who has played drums for Darlene Love, Lesley Gore among others, including her own band New Myths. She sat in briefly as an alternate for Tanja.[40]

The band split up in mid-2013 to pursue other interests and projects: Trachtenburg is a solo performer and drummer of bands The Prettiots and Larry and the Babes, Cumming is a runway model and is lead singer of her band Sunflower Bean, Prat is bassist of The Prettiots and Tanja is a fashion photographer.



  • Rachel Trachtenburg – ukelele, drum pad, vocals
  • Julia Cumming – guitar, ukelele, bass, vocals
  • LuLu Laurette Prat – bass, backing vocals
  • Ruby Tanja – drums
  • June Lei – keyboards, ukelele, vocals
  • Olivia Ferrer – keyboards, bass, backing vocals
  • Delilah Brierley - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jacqueline Russo – drums
  • Heather Boo – bass
  • Rosie Slater– drums


Supercute! discography
EPs 1
Music videos 5


  • SUPERCUTE! (2010)
  1. "Candy City"
  2. "Not To Write About Boys"
  3. "Haunted Hostel"
  4. "Misty Mountain Hop" (Led Zeppelin cover)
  5. "Hula Hoop Song"
EP by Supercute!
Released 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Label Self-released
Supercute! chronology
DON'T PoP MY BUBBLE (unreleased)


Supercute!'s "Superrookie!" and the Dum Dum Girls' "I Don't Care" were included on a "Rookie Tunes" flexidisc in Rookie Yearbook One, a book edited by Tavi Gevinson and published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2012 [isbn 978-1-77046-112-3].[41]


Alternate cover
Hard copies of the EP featured homemade covers. Each copy of the cover were not alike
Studio album by Supercute!
Released Unreleased
Recorded 2011-2012
Genre Indie pop, anti-folk, psychedelic pop
Producer Kate Nash
Supercute! chronology
  • DON’T PoP MY BUBBLE (release date: Unreleased)
  1. "Love Love Leave Love"
  2. "Assked"
  3. "I Do"
  4. "Cat Call"
  5. "4 Hands"
  6. "Daisy My Dear"
  7. "Candy City"
  8. "Dreamsicle"
  9. "Pigeon City"
  10. "Imagination"
  11. "Salmonella"
  12. "Dumb Dumbs"

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