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Directed by Neri Parenti
Written by Alessandro Becivenni,
Leonardo Benvenuti,
Piero De Bernardi,
Neri Parenti,
Domenico Saverni,
Paolo Villaggio
Starring Paolo Villaggio
Liù Bosisio
Gigi Reder
Music by Fred Bongusto
Release dates
Running time
92 min.
Language Italian

Superfantozzi is an Italian film from 1986. It is the fifth film in the saga of the unlucky clerk Ugo Fantozzi, played by its creator, Paolo Villaggio. In this film, Fantozzi is portrayed in a surreal historical journey, from Genesis to 1980s.


God created the heaven, the earth, the seas, the rivers and all the animals, they come to create the man. But the creature that the Lord will get is a disgusting and clumsy to be for centuries to come will be called Ugo Fantozzi. For God after the seventh day of Creation recreates a second man most beautiful and cunning that will lead to the generation of cheaters and most powerful subdue the descendants dell'inetto Pina Fantozzi and his company. This is also a being horrible, and Adam got the part se3ducente Eve. After original sin committed by Fantozzi because of the deception of Eve, the entire human generation is condemned to live like animals in the Stone Age. Fantozzi initially fights with dinosaurs and he met a funny character: Mr. Filini which proves to be smarter than him. In subsequent periods Fantozzi is found first in ancient Greece where should report to the Ministers' victory at Marathon soldiers after the First Persian War, then Hugh is transported in Galilee near Nazareth where he met also Jesus.

There life is difficult because of the taxes of the Romans, and Fantozzi when it receives the inheritance of his uncle dead Lazarus, gets nothing because Christ has just given life to the dead. Also, after a few years he will be traded in place of Jesus as the Messiah and crucified along with two thieves. During periods to follow Fantozzi finally arrives in the Middle Ages where together with Filini back from Crusades in the Holy Land to return to his wife Pina who wore the chastity belt. However Fantozzi falls in love with a beautiful princess whom he likes a valiant knight. So Ugo to be more courageous and discovers the sword Excalibur to participate in a duel between knights. Fantozzi can win, but the princess does not want to marry him, then Ugo replies that he participated in the tournament just for sport, because he has always remained faithful to his wife Pina, even if it is horrible as the daughter Mariangela. It so happens that Fantozzi falls into poverty and the help of Robin Hood is not enough to satisfy him.

The past six centuries, Fantozzi in 1800 is in Rome where his superior Duke Count Cobram enthusiastically announced a competition between boats that will take place on the channels of the river Tiber. Fantozzi paddling in a canoe along with Filini, but they unfortunately end up in the sewers that lead them to Venice. After the capture of Porta Pia and the invention of cinema by Lumière brothers, of which Fantozzi will experience seeing the short film the arrival of the train in the foreground, the accountant finds himself in the years of Prohibition in America where is fooled by a landlord who gives him a small apartment that serves as security at a nightclub where you can drink alcohol. When the police burst discovers Fantozzi with a bottle of wine and arrest him.

After the experience of two world wars, the second of which fought in Japan by Hiroshima where the atomic bomb exploded, Fantozzi comes in eighties, in the period in which we know, when he along with Filini and colleagues participated in a soccer match between the 'Italy and Scotland. Immediately start the fights between the fans and the duels weapon similar to the Cavalleria rusticana by Giovanni Verga. Then Fantozzi and Filini think to sneak into the lion's den dressed as Scottish bagpipes but because of faulty Fantozzi who plays the hymn of Goffredo Mameli, the two are lynched and beaten to a pulp. L0evento news will be reported in the news. In the distant future Fantozzi and family prepare to dine happily in an apartment fashionable technology, but the manager asked him to repair the antenna of the satellite. Released, Fantozzi will be hit by an asteroid.

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