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SUPERillu is a weekly German magazine from Berlin, which is well-read in Eastern Germany.

The magazine was founded in summer 1990 in East Berlin. The first edition appeared August 23, 1990, six weeks before German reunification. The magazine is owned by the Hubert Burda Media group, and has a circulation of 550,000 with more than three million readers. Thus, in Eastern Germany it is read more widely than Der Spiegel, Focus, Stern and Bunte all together. In Western Germany, it is purchased by around 60,000 with several hundred thousand readers, in many cases former East Germans.

The magazine touches a range of themes, including advice columns, entertainment, politics, and business. Articles about East Germany's history, the fate and achievements of prominent East Germans after 1990 in Sports, popular culture and other fields of society as well as the development of German unity are also common. Overall, drawing a positive image of East Germany is a common theme of many articles.

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