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Superior Essex
Type Subsidiary
Industry Cable
Founded April 1999[1]

1930[1] (Essex Wire Corporation)
1954[1] (Superior Cable)
Headquarters Atlanta, United States
Key people Justin F. Deedy (CEO)
Products Magnet Wire, Communication Cables
Revenue $2.99 billion (2007)[2]
Employees 3,800[3]
Parent LS Cable & System

Superior Essex is one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers worldwide.[3] Superior Essex has its headquarters in Atlanta, United States and specializes in magnet wire manufacturing and distribution. It operates 24[3] manufacturing facilities spread over the United States, Europe, Africa and China. Superior Essex was acquired by the Korean cable manufacturer LS Cable & System in 2008[4][5] and is since then one of LS Cable & System’s subsidiaries.


Superior Essex was formed by a merger of Essex Wire Corporation and Superior Cable in April 1999.[1] Essex Wire Corporation was founded in 1930[1] and was an original equipment manufacturer. It operated 44 plants[1] in North America by 1965[1] and had sales of $355 million.[1] Superior Cable came into existence in 1954[1] and had sales passing $500 million[1] in 1997. In 2008 the Korean cable manufacturer LS Cable & System acquired Superior Essex for roughly $900 million[5] to extend its reach into the North American and European market.



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