Superior auricular muscle

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Superior auricular muscle
Sobo 1909 260 - Superior auricular muscle.png
Face and neck muscles. Superior auricular muscle shown in red.
Gray906 - Superior auricular muscle2.png
The muscles of the auricula. Superior auricular is at top (indicated by the red arrow).
Latin musculus auricularis superior
Temporal fascia
Above the ear
Posterior auricular artery
Temporal branch of Facial nerve
Actions Pulls ear upward
Gray's p.1035
TA A04.1.03.021
FMA 46855
Anatomical terms of muscle

The superior auricular muscle, the largest of the three auriculares muscles, is also thin and fan-shaped. Its fibers arise from the galea aponeurotica, and converge to be inserted by a thin, flattened tendon into the upper part of the cranial surface of the auricula.

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This article incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy.