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The hot-chamber zinc alloy Superloy allows the production of thin-walled die castings with excellent tolerances. The alloy’s mechanical properties also show advantages over traditional zinc alloys for die casting.


This alloy shows excellent creep resistance properties due to its special chemical composition (zinc with 6.6% to 7.2% Al and 3.0% to 3.6% Cu). In the ternary diagram, Superloy is situated close to the eutectic point. Although the alloy is composed of two elements with a higher melting point, the solidify temperature is smaller than that of e.g. ZL5.


There are varied uses of Superloy. Superloy is a suitable material for a compromise between thinwalled structure and high mechanical properties demand. It enables designers to design zinc alloy parts that could not be made out of other materials (due to different parameters such as casting techniques, mechanical and physical conditions).

Moreover, Superloy is an ideal casting alloy for electronic parts, connectors, adapters and small precision parts.

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