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Created by Karen Seah
Presented by Charmaine Harn (s.1-2)
Lisa Selesner (s.3-)
Judges Lisa Selesner (s.3-)
Ase Wang (s.3-)
Dominic Lau (s.3-)
Theme music composer Dave Tan
Country of origin Singapore (1-3)
Hong Kong (4)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 12
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel AXN Asia (season 1)
KIX (season 2-3)
Diva Universal (season 4)
MediaCorp Channel 5 (season 4)
Original run June 16, 2009 (2009-06-16) – present
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Supermodelme is a multi-platform reality series in which 12 aspiring models of Asian heritage compete for a chance to launch their career in the fashion industry.

Created by Karen Seah and produced by Refinery Media, Supermodelme has run for three seasons and received nominations for “Best Cross-Platform Content” at the Asian Television Awards 2012 [1] and “Best Non-Fiction” at the International Digital Emmy Awards in 2013.[2]

The series was hosted by Singaporean model Charmaine Harn in its first two seasons. VJ and international Supermodel Lisa Selesner assumed the role of host for the show’s third instalment and will continue her duties in the upcoming fourth season.

Show Format[edit]

Seasons 1 and 2 were 30-minute episodes and in Season 3, the show graduated to 60-minute episodes on cable, although on MediaCorp Channel 5, 30-minute episodes were specially produced. Throughout the series, the contestants are housed together under one roof and made to go through a series of tasks and photo-challenges, most of which bear a strong sporting and competitive angle. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated before a panel of judges until the winning model is chosen from a final three.

Supermodelme: Femme Fatale

Transmedia Presence[edit]

Supermodelme is an English language multi-platform, reality-based entertainment programme available across television, the internet and on mobile.. Along with weekly television episodes, viewers can follow online webisodes that feature behind-the-scenes footage, extended footage and deleted scenes. Mobile content ranges from introductory biographies of the models to weekly “Confessional” videos. Supermodelme’s cross-platform efforts earned it a nomination and “Highly Commended” position for “Best Cross-Platform Content” at the Asian Television Awards 2012,[1] coming in behind CNN-IBN’s “The Citizen Journalist Show”.

Other Technology Integration[edit]

In 2010, Supermodelme became the first television showout of Asia to ink a deal with popular location-based application Foursquare.[3] The collaboration saw the integration of brands such as DKNY Jeans, with followers of the branded Supermodelme game rewarded with discounts for every virtual ‘Check-In’. In 2011, Refinery Media entered into a partnership with Google’s YouTube[4] to distribute Supermodelme content on its site. Refinery Media also pioneered the use of “Hyperspot technology” with its integration into the show’s website[5] The use of “Hyperspot technology” on allowed viewers to attain immediate information and access to whatever brands, products etc. they saw on screen while watching content on the website.

Episodic Breakdown[edit]

Sports & Action

Each episode, the models undertake a sports or action-oriented task that pits them against one another in a bid to determine one winner. The winner may receive prizes, rewards or in some cases, extra camera shots or time in their Photo Challenges. Following each task is a Photo Challenge, which is the key elimination element of the show. Here, the contestants are given a set number of camera shots to obtain their best picture for judging. The photo shoots require the utilization of skills acquired from the respective preceding physical tasks. After the photo challenge is over, the contestants will face Supermodelme’s celebrity judging panel that will provide feedback on their performance and photographs and proceed to eliminate one contestant.

Series Evolution[edit]

Season 1 of Supermodelme was initially produced for online consumption with 20 webisodes of 10 - 12 minute lengths and was broadcast on the website The show was subsequently picked up by cable channel AXN,[6] reformatted for television broadcast and shown in 27 countries.

Season 2 saw Lionsgate’s Celestial Tiger Entertainment co-produce Supermodelme for television broadcast in high definition. Weekly 30-minute episodes debuted on KIX and MediaCorp while the series retained its digital content and transmedia presence with accompanying webisodes and mobisodes.

Season 3 of Supermodelme was co-produced through a tri-party deal between Celestial Tiger Entertainment, MediaCorp TV and Refinery Media. It saw the introduction of a new host - Lisa S.

Season 4 is currently in production.


In 2010 Celestial Tiger Entertainment, the Asian arm of Lionsgate, entered into a partnership with Refinery Media to produce Season 2 and 3 of Supermodelme while additionally securing the rights to broadcast Season 1.

It was announced in 2012 that Supermodelme would make its first foray into China through Sohu and Qiyi and the United States via MYX TV, with the network purchasing the rights to all three seasons of the series.[7] In addition, Supermodelme announced in July 2012 a collaboration with Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) 2013[8] - the largest annual fashion event in Singapore.


Season Season Premier Date Host Contestants Judges Other Cameos
1 June 16, 2009 (Web) Charmaine Harn Helen Swale Australia, Emilia Soh Singapore, Yuen Sze Jia Malaysia, Ciara Schmalfeld United States, Jenny Fuglsang Sweden, Fiona Thomas Australia, Anna Syuhada Malaysia, Kathlene McKinney United Kingdom, Christabel Campbell Singapore, Evelyn Leckie Australia Charmaine Harn, Geoff Ang, Jeanette Ejlersen, Olivier Henry, Andrew Tan, Elaine Daly, David Gan, Frederick Lee, Marcus A. C, Lee Zhaun, Patrick Sin, Rizal Ahyar, Rick Tan, Furqan Saini. Invy Ng, Roy Sng, Misha Hajab, Jeremiah Ang, Irene Ang, Zhang Jingna, Grace Lee, Rebecca Tan, Keith Png.
2 17 March 2011 (KIX) Charmaine Harn Tanja Widing Thailand, Syakella Jazmyn Jazmyn Malaysia, Rosie Choovichian Thailand , Roshni Soin Singapore, Nikki Niu China , Melinda Widjanarko Indonesia , Kym Toussaint Australia , Kiani Lee Australia , Emiko Thein Singapore , Elizabeth Moulden Australia, Avalon Halaho Australia Anny Lou China, Charmaine Harn, Olivier Henry, Nadya Hutagalung, Antonia Chang, Paul Foster, Amber Chia, Elisabeth Gwee, Deborah Henry, Terence Lee, Lee Zhuan, Rebecca Tan, Kim Robinson, Furqan Saini, Grego Oh, Gaile Lai. Geoff Ang, Hector Zhuo, Rizal Ahyar, Eric Ng, Mitch Chilson, Invy Ng, Norman Tang, Emmanuel Stroobant, K Hon, Fadli Rahman, Brendan Zhang, Wee Chee.
3 13 March 2012 Lisa Selesner Petrina Ann Singapore, Lynn Yang Wolf Burma (disqualified), Lila Swain Australia, Charlotte Beck Thailand, Danielle Lim Singapore, Isabelle Du Vietnam, Venus Hung Hong Kong, Deanna Ibrahim Malaysia, Jacqueline Milner Philippines, Asha Cuthbert Hong Kong, Nansi Sanya Thailand, Tiffany Warne Australia Lisa Selesner, Ase Wang,Dominic Lau, Sharon Lim, Deborah Henry, Wykidd Song, Marcus A. C, Junita Simon, Jennifer Tse, Joanne Peh, Utt, Qi Qi, Elisabeth Gwee, Rebecca Lim, Ana R, Lum May Yee, Danielle Graham, Daniel Boey, Cindy Bishop, Kevin Ou. Mitch Chilson, Alvin Tang, Aaron Wang, Tan Wei Shen, Alan Lim, Joel Lim, Aarika Lee, Kevin Lester.
4 18 November 2013 (DIVA) Lisa Selesner Karina Curlewis Philippines, Stephanie Shen China, Chloe LaneThailand, Georgie Millar Malaysia, Ashleigh Martin Singapore, Dominique Nguyen Vietnam, Roelene Coleman India, Yumika Hoskin Japan, Lilly Nguyen Vietnam, Ying Liu China, Sasha Quahe Singapore, Katherine Rigby Hong Kong Lisa S, Ase Wang, Dominic Lau, Kim Robinson, Kevin Ou, Gordon Lam, Qi Qi, Queenie Chu, Jennifer Tse, Zing, Ananda Everingham, Carmen Soo, Alvin Goh Leah McQueen, Olaf Mueller, Earl Wan, Ka On, Gordon Lund, Ike Eichensehr, Sean Lee Davis, Jason Lee Coates, Harry Lam

Season 3 episode synopsis[edit]

EPISODE 1[edit]

The 12 finalists arrive in Singapore and are welcomed to their new home by host, Lisa S. The contestants find out that their very first task is to pick up the game of beach volleyball. After a day out on the beach, they are ready for their first photo shoot challenge. For the challenge, the girls pose in bikini for a calendar shoot that shows the girls in various beach volleyball and sports action poses. The models have to exhibit a healthy sporty image that combines strength and confidence in the shot. At the elimination, they face the panel of judges for the first time and the heat of the competition begins to sink in.

EPISODE 2[edit]

11 girls remain. For the second task, the contestants battle it out in a game of paintball. Spilt into two teams, the girls have to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it safely back to their own base. The models must display teamwork and fighting spirit during the task, as well as being tough enough to withstand the pain from being hit. The next day, they participate in a group photo challenge in which the overall theme of the shoot is ‘Having fun during your break’. Each contestant is made up and styled differently. Contestants take turns to be the star of each photo and their challenge is to stand out from the other contestants in the background.

EPISODE 3[edit]

10 girls remain. The contestants are given a sum of money to go on a grocery-shopping trip where they are allowed to buy whatever they want. Upon returning to the house, a physical trainer/nutritionist awaits and proceeds to calculate the amount of calories from the food each girl has bought. The contestants are then taken to the gym where each of them has to work off their individual amounts of calories as calculated by the dietician, through a series of exercise routines guided by a physical trainer. Through this task, the contestants are taught to be responsible and conscious with their personal decisions, and to have the discipline to refrain from unhealthy dietary habits. The theme of the photo challenge is ‘Disco Gym’ where the girls will be decked out in trendy sportswear and they have to pose in groups in gymnastic positions.

EPISODE 4[edit]

9 girls remain. For the task, the models go through a crash course in Wushu where they pick up some fighting moves, which they will find useful in the photo challenge. For the photo challenge, the contestants will be wired up and suspended in the air with cables in pairs. They then have to execute various fighting and kicking poses/actions in mid air with a guest artiste.

EPISODE 5[edit]

8 girls remain. The contestants get to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills when they are tasked to sell ice cream and sandwiches at a shopping mall. Working against each other in two teams, they are briefed of the task two days beforehand to publicize their stall using all means of social media. On the actual task day, the models have an hour to purchase materials from shops within the mall to set up and decorate their booths. The task will last two hours and the team with the highest sales wins the task and will be rewarded. For the photo challenge, each model fronts a watch campaign. They will be style according to the branding of the watch they are fronting and they must be able to carry off the look with confidence.

EPISODE 6[edit]

7 girls remain. The models participate in a Fear Factor inspired challenge where they have to stay composed as they place their hands inside boxes not knowing what’s inside. The photo challenge will be a beauty shot of each girl dressed in lingerie posing with a variety of “unconventional” props. (E.g. Exotic animals, birds, bugs… etc.) The models must be able to overcome their fear and work with the props in order to make the photo look good.

EPISODE 7[edit]

6 girls remain. The girls get a chance to experience freefalling at iFly Singapore, the world’s first largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, at Sentosa. After getting used to the free-falling simulation, the girls will attempt to execute movements inside the wind tunnel, to the best of their imagination and abilities. The contestant with the best moves will be rewarded. For the photo challenge, the girls experience another kind of weightlessness as they attempt an underwater shoot. Submerged in a swimming pool, they have to hold their breath and keep their eyes open underwater for minutes at a time and yet be able to strike beautiful poses. This will be a test of their perseverance and ability to adapt to new situations.

EPISODE 8[edit]

5 girls remain. The contestants are taken to a shooting range where they are taught how to handle an air rifle, aim and shoot at targets. For the photo challenge, the models pose as fugitives of the law in haute couture clothes in a mock crime scene setting alongside other models dressed as law enforcers. The models must be able to embody the given personas where they have to handle mock aggression and put up a show of resistance.

EPISODE 9[edit]

4 girls remain. They go through an intensive acting class where they learn to use body movement, articulation and facial expressions to express themselves. An established actress will make a guest appearance in this task as their mentor to bring them through the task and give them encouragement. For this episode, instead of a photo challenge, the contestants are given a script, which they have to memorize and deliver to the camera. This will be a test of their acting chops.

EPISODE 10[edit]

3 girls remain. The stakes get higher as the top 3 models take to the stage at St James Power Station. In this task cum photo challenge, the top 3 have to project a rock star persona on stage and perform a song with an actual supporting band. They will have to pull it off even if they do not know how to sing. The photo shoot will take place concurrently and they must be able to exhibit the rocker attitude convincingly and look good in the photos while trying to carry the tune.

EPISODE 11[edit]

Recap episode.

EPISODE 12[edit]

The top three finalists are reunited with the girls who were eliminated. After six weeks of being away from home, the girls are also given a surprise video call from their loved ones. The top three girls then make their way to the finale, where the winner of Supermodelme is announced and all 12 girls take to the runway in a final closing show!


Supermodelme has distribution in 13 countries across the globe with a television reach of about 30 million people.

Country Provider
Singapore MediaCorp Channel 5, Singtel Mio TV, Celestial Tiger, KIX
Malaysia Astro, Celestial Tiger, KIX
Korea Celestial Tiger, KIX
Philippines Skycable, Celestial Tiger, KIX
Indonesia Indovision, Centrin TV, Skynindo, Groovia TV, Aora, OkeVision, Celestial Tiger, KIX
Cambodia Celestial Tiger, KIX
Vietnam Celestial Tiger, KIX
Thailand bbtv, 1-Sky, Celestial Tiger, KIX
Hong Kong TVB Pearl, bbtv, now TV
USA DIRECTV, Myx TV, RCN, Time Warner Cable, Cox

Key Publicity Garnered[edit]

Title Publication Country
Refinery Media Scores Coup with Foursquare Deal SGEntreprenuers Singapore
Singapore deal for Foursquare ZDNet Asia Singapore
Foursquare Inks Refinery Media Deal in Singapore USATODAY United States
Models on a Role The New Paper Singapore
See Asians work it on catwalk[9] AsiaOne Singapore
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‘Supermodelme 2’: What it takes to become Asia’s next top model CNNGo United States
Real Drama The New Paper Singapore
A Moment with… Hong Kong Supermodel Qi Qi[11] Lifestyle Asia Singapore
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MH Woman: Tiffany Leigh Warne[14] Men’s Health Singapore
5 questions with… Supermodelme’s Tiffany Warne[15] XinMsn Singapore


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