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(Sanskrit) Suprabuddha, or (Pali) Suppabuddha was the son of Añjana and Yasodhara , a Koliyan prince. He had two children Bhaddakaccānā (Budhha's wife Yasodharā) and Devadatta from her wife Amitā .He had two sisters, Māyā and Pajāpatī and a brother, Dandapāni. As the mother of Buddha was Maya, that made him the uncle of the Buddha, and as his daughter was the wife of the Buddha, he became also the father-in-law to the Buddha.


It is said that he was offended with the Buddha for deserting his daughter and for being hostile to Devadatta. One day he took strong drink and blocked the Buddha's path, refusing to move in spite of the repeated requests of the monks. The Buddha thereupon turned back. Ananda seeing the Buddha smile and enquiring the reason for the smile, was told that, at the end of seven days, Suppabuddha would be swallowed up by the earth at the foot of his stairs. Suppabuddha overheard this, and had all his belongings carried to the seventh storey of his house. He removed the stairway, closed all doors, and set a strong guard. On the seventh day a state charger belonging to Suppabuddha broke loose. None could manage him except Suppabuddha, and he, desiring to seize the animal, moved towards the door. The doors opened of their own accord, the stairway returned to its place, and the strong guard threw him down the stairs. When he landed at the bottom of the stairway the earth opened and swallowed him up in Avīci. He was also evidently called Mahāsuppabuddha.

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