Suprahyoid muscles

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Suprahyoid muscles
Suprahyoid muscles.png
Muscles of the neck. Anterior view.
Hyoid bone is white horizontal line near top.
Infrahyoid muscles are below hyoid, while Suprahyoid muscles are labeled above.
Latin Musculi suprahyoidei
Gray's p.391
TA A04.2.03.001
FMA 71301
Anatomical terms of muscle

The term suprahyoid refers to the region above (superior to) the hyoid bone in the neck. The suprahyoid muscles include digastric, stylohyoid, geniohyoid, and mylohyoid. They are all branchiomeric, with the exception of the geniohyoid muscle.


These four muscles have different actions, but in general assist in elevating the hyoid bone and widening the esophagus during swallowing.

Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation
Digastric (anterior belly) Digastric fossa of Mandible Intermediate Tendon Mylohyoid nerve - branch of CN V3 (Mandibular division of Trigeminal nerve)
Digastric (posterior belly) Mastoid process Intermediate Tendon Facial nerve
Geniohyoid Inferior mental spine of Symphysis menti Hyoid C1 through CN XII (Hypoglossal nerve)
Stylohyoid Temporal styloid process Hyoid Facial nerve
Mylohyoid Mylohyoid line of mandible Hyoid Mylohyoid nerve - branch of CN V3 (Mandibular division of Trigeminal nerve)

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