Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army

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Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army
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Chosŏn'gŭl 조선인민군 최고사령관
Hancha 朝鮮人民軍最高司令官
Revised Romanization Joseon Inmin-gun Choego Saryeonggwan
McCune–Reischauer Chosŏn Inmin'gun Ch'oego Saryŏnggwan
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The Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army is the highest post in command of the Korean People's Army, the armed forces of North Korea, and is in charge of one of the largest standing armies in the world with around 5.9 million active duty personnel and reserves.


Kim Jong-il was succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un, who was publicly declared Supreme Commander by the Rodong Sinmun, on 24 December 2011 and officially appointed to the position on 30 December 2011.[1][2]

List of supreme commanders[edit]

Name Term Life span
Kim Il-sung 8 February 1948 – 24 December 1991 15 April 1912 – 8 July 1994 (aged 82)
Kim Jong-il 24 December 1991 – 17 December 2011 16 February 1941 – 17 December 2011 (aged 70)
Kim Jong-un 30 December 2011 – Present 8 January 1983 – Present (age 31)


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