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The Supreme People's Court of Vietnam is the highest court of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It functions under the authority of the National Assembly of Vietnam.

Justices are appointed by the National Assembly of Vietnam for five year terms.

The head of the Supreme People's Court of Vietnam is the Chief Justice. The current Chief Justice of Vietnam is Truong Hoa Binh

Other courts in Vietnam:

Responsibility and Jurisdiction[edit]

The Supreme People's Court is responsible for providing leadership to the Vietnamese court system, supervising the judicial process, and recommending bills to the National Assembly as appropriate under law. It is a court of final resort as well as an appellate court.[1]


The Supreme People's Court of Vietnam is organized according to the Law on the Organization of the People's Courts.

  • Council of Justices: consists of the Chief Justice, the deputy chief justices, and other justices of the Supreme People's Court as designated by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly; must not contain more than 17 members
  • Central Court Martial: the supreme military tribunal of Vietnam
  • Criminal Bench
  • Civil Bench
  • Economic Bench
  • Labor Bench
  • Administrative Bench
  • Appellate Bench in Hanoi
  • Appellate Bench in Danang
  • Appellate Bench in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Court Offices


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