Supreme Warrior

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Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior Coverart.png
Developer(s) Digital Pictures
Publisher(s) Digital Pictures
Platform(s) Sega CD, 32X, 3DO, Windows, Macintosh
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player

Supreme Warrior is a full-motion video action game developed by Digital Pictures. It was released in 1995 for North America and Europe.[1]


The game is set in China hundreds of years ago, where the player character is tasked with protecting half of a magical mask. The wearer of this mask will be granted untold power. The villainous Fang Tu has the other half of the mask, and wants the player character's half.


Gameplay consists of fighting off Fang Tu's minions, and eventually Fang Tu himself.[2] The gameplay in Supreme Warrior consists of full-motion video combined with interactivity.[2]


When asked about the inspiration for the game, Tom Zito, president of Digital Pictures, said that "We asked game players what types of games we should create, and frankly, we were surprised when they kept telling us to make a game that recreates a kung fu movie."[3]

The video footage for Supreme Warrior was filmed on Shaw Brothers Studio sets in Hong Kong.[3] Many of the actors, and even director Guy Norris, had extensive martial arts backgrounds, and the actors playing the game's enemies each choreographed their own fight routines.[3] The game's fight sequences were mostly recorded using a head-mounted minicam worn by a stunt coordinator, while the sequences where the player character is hit were recorded with a padded hand-held camera which the actors would actually punch and kick.[3]


Reviews for Supreme Warrior were mixed. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a 5.4 out of 10. Other scores, while varied, generally scored around the middle range of scores.[2]


  • Vivian Wu ... Yu Ching
  • Richard Norton ... Earth Warlord
  • Roger Yuan ... Fang-Tu
  • Chuck Jeffreys ... Fire Warlord
  • Ron Yuan ... Wind Warlord (as Ron Winston Yuan)
  • Chaplin Chang ... Master Kai
  • Li Guoyuan ... The Player
  • Xin Xin Xiong ... Hing Xiong
  • Lee Tat Chiu ... Hing Tien
  • Winston Ellis ... Stone
  • Kim Penn ... Ambrosia (as Kim-Maree Penn)
  • Jackson Ng ... Juk-San
  • Ching Wai Chung ... Chung
  • Lin Jieheng ... Swei-Jin
  • Andy Cheng ... Chao Yen


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